Geese Galore!!!

My Daily Photo Topic today was “My Fave View”, so of course, I headed to one of my favorite places in the world…..practically in my own back yard…..Point Breeze where the Oak Orchard River meets the great Lake Ontario! I was not disappointed – it was a gorgeous warm, sunny day and when I got there, I found the lake to be so calm and vividly blue against a perfect blue sky and so many geese, I couldn’t count them all!!! They were out enjoying the sun and the cool water just lounging along the shore as far as you could see and some venturing out for a swim…..and there was even a swan among them and, of course, the gazillion seagulls perched all along the break walls, as usual! It was amazing…..the perfect day!!! I sat there for probably an hour or so and just watched them…..and snapped well over 100 photos! Here are a few of my favorites – but, no, the one I chose for my photo challenge is NOT included…’ll have to wait till I post the first batch of photos from the July challenge to see that one! 🙂

What a joy it is to live so close to something so beautiful and to have time to just sit and enjoy it!!!

2 Comments on “Geese Galore!!!

    • No way I could get them all in a photo — there were at least 50 – maybe more – all stretched out all along the shoreline… was awesome!!!

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