A Different Approach

The source for my Daily Photo Challenge Topics has been less than challenging, lately…..and, this month it is the alphabet – AGAIN! So, I went searching for a different list of challenges and found one by a photography group that I think I’m going to like. Their 2018 list is “Places” and their 2017 list is “Things”! Their lists are intended to be a weekly challenge, so there are 52 topics on each list and they are not meant to necessarily be done in order – you just check them off as you do them so you don’t repeat. But….I plan to continue doing it daily and in order – as much as I can…..and do them together – again, as much as I can! So……I’ll target doing one “Place” and one “Thing” daily and see how it goes! I think I can get pretty creative with most of the topics on both lists……and I’m thinking they just may be challenging!

Here are my first two from April 1st:

“Cobblestone Schoolhouse”

An Old Building – Places List


Clouds – Things List


And…..here are some other daily photos I’ve taken since my last post:

This Banana Toffee Pie was the best pie I’ve had in a very long time!!! The topic that day was “Oh My!” – perfect!

And…….the altar at my church on Easter Morning!

Catch ya on the flip side!!!

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