Beach Bound Love Bug

I met my friends, Tom and Janette, for lunch at Rohrbach’s in Gates, today. They just happen to have recently returned from their annual winter stay in Hawaii and they brought me back a cute little gift……something I saw he had posted a photo of on his blog while in Maui. I LOVE IT!!!! It just so happens that my Daily Photo Challenge topic for today is “I Wish” and I knew this was the perfect photo for it!!! I really do wish I had a cool VW Bug and I truly wish I could be driving it around the beaches on Maui……or anywhere tropical! hehehe Unfortunately, this one is a bank and can’t be driven, but……a girl can dream, can’t she?

The shot I used for my Daily Photo Challenge

Thanks so much for thinking of me, Tom and Janette……always a real joy to meet up with you! 😀

And, some other recent photos, while I’m here:

Taken today at a business next door to the restaurant where we had lunch!

Lunch yesterday at JoAndy’s — a great little place on the Tonawanda Indian Reservation

I’ll be back soon……

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