In The Air Above Albion

A week or so ago, my friend was up from NC with his private plane. I’ve gotten so I look forward to going up to get photos of our area when he flies up for a visit. So much fun…..and I get some great shots! I used to try to use my Nikon with the big zoom lens…..but, it was difficult to see what I’m trying to photograph and by the time I focused, I either missed the shot or it was too blurry to recognize. So, I started just using my iPhone and I get so much better shots! It is still hard, sometimes, to know if I’m getting the intended object in the shot – things look soooooo different from up there – but, what I do get is GREAT!!!

Here are photos from around the area I took on our flight from this most recent visit.

Our usual selfie in the cockpit waiting for the engine to heat up enough for take-off

The canal

Another shot of the canal

Downtown Albion – Courthouse Square

Christ Episcopal Church (lower right of center), Holy Family Church (left of center), and First Baptist Church (the one with the tall two-toned steeple)

I love taking photos of farm land from the air — so beautiful – a work of art!!!

Approaching Waterport and Lake Alice

Waterport Bridge over Lake Alice

(we used to call it Waterport Creek when we were kids – I was an adult before I knew it had a name!)

As Ron said… flight over the area is complete without a fly-over the Oak Orchard River, Lake Ontario, and Point Breeze!!!

Oak Orchard River flowing into the Great Lake Ontario

Point Breeze

The Oak Orchard Lighthouse at Point Breeze

Marinas along the Oak Orchard River at Point Breeze

That square patch of trees just above center is Mount Albion Cemetery — so many trees make it beautiful to drive through, but impossible to identify as a cemetery from the air.

The only thing distinguishable in Mt Albion Cemetery from the air is the Soldiers & Sailors Monument tower – I believe it is still the highest point in Orleans County.

Albion Central Schools – Elementary, High School, and Middle School

Downtown Albion featuring most of Courthouse Square and the canal across the top of the photo

That’s all for this flight……

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    • Hello, Elaine!!! So good to hear from you – it’s been a while! Thank you!!!

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