May Daily Photos – Part Four

I feel like a broken record, but……WOW – May is gone, already… flew by so fast I hardly knew it was here! But…..I do have proof that we didn’t just skip it — my daily photos for 31 days plus the posts about the Scotland trip I took in May. And, now – tomorrow June begins….and, in 30 days we will be 1/2 way through the year…..this just blows my mind! LOL

Anyway – here is the last set of Daily Photos for May:









June’s Daily Photo Topic List isn’t a list…’s a “theme month” – June is “Month of Gratitude”….we’ll see what I come up with!

2 Comments on “May Daily Photos – Part Four

  1. Hi Kim, good to see you traveling and enjoying spring.

    Have you been to Niagra on the Lake in Ontario, Can? I went there last week with some friends and had a wonderful time. Many beautiful wineries with restaurants, and picturesque vistas everywhere, beautiful homes, large and small. And of course, the lake. It is the location of the Shaw Festival so we saw some great theatre. If you haven’t been you should as it is so close to you.

    Best wishes for a great summer, S.

    ?SHARRON PENASACK 603 566-6667?? ________________________________

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