Up, Up, and Away…..

It was a beautiful day to go flying…….and, as luck would have it, my friend just happened to be here with his plane! So, we went up for a ride, this morning after breakfast. I didn’t take my camera, this time, but did get some really nice shots with my iPhone! We went out Medina-way and then along the shore of Lake Ontario coming back to Albion. The sky was clear and the wind was perfect – a really smooth flight……well, except for the quick dip we had to take to avoid a couple huge geese that came flying right at us!!! EEK!!! But, all was good!

The canal wide waters on Presbyterian Road, Knowlesville

Knowlesville and the Knowlesville Rd lift bridge over the canal

The ethanol plant on 31A going into Medina

Downtown Medina

Two boats on the canal in Medina

Medina Falls with the canal running along side it

Farm land and the Lake Ontario shoreline

Captain Ron

Lake Ontario

Lake shoreline coming up on Lakeside Beach State Park

Point Breeze

Point Breeze – Lake Ontario and Oak Orchard River

Marina along Point Breeze Road leaving Point Breeze

Corn fields sure look different from this angle!!! 🙂

It was a great morning……funny, I love going up in Ron’s plane whenever he comes to visit. I wish I would have enjoyed it more years ago when we were dating and he had a Cessna, but it made me sick to my stomach to fly in it, so I went up with him a few times, but never really got to enjoy it. But, this plane is different – I don’t get the same smells that upset my stomach and he has headphones to cut down on the loud noise and makes it so we can actually talk to each other…….it’s just better and so much more enjoyable! Can’t wait for my next chance to go up, again!!!

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