September Daily Photos – Part Three

Well, we made it to Autumn……colors are just starting to pop here and there around here locally, but I was just in the Adirondacks this week and – WOW!!! I’ll have a post with pics later – maybe today, we’ll see…..but, suffice it to say I was treated to an amazing show of color and look forward to more here as the weeks go by!

So, here’s my next set of September Daily Photos:


STEP – Option 2


Wasn’t sure how to represent “Zingy”……decided I would use the word to show how seeing the Medina Falls from the air made me feel!!!


Went to my archives for this one……FDR Memorial in Washington DC depicting the bread lines of the Great Depression


Love when I have a little alone time before everyone else starts to arrive for church







There you go…….watch for my Adirondack post and the last group of September Daily Photos…..and, anything else I might decide to share!!! πŸ™‚


2 Comments on “September Daily Photos – Part Three

  1. I always thought I had to go to Letchworth or Niagara to see the falls when I lived in Rochester. I will go to see the Medina falls when I visit again. I loved that “MUSIC” photo. What a grand sound must come from those pipes! Also, is that Brockport at night in the SHINY photo? You know I love all your meal photos as well.

    • Hi, Peter…..No – the shiny photo is Mirror Lake in Lake Placid, NY in the Adirondacks! There are a few really nice waterfalls in this area – Medina Falls, Holley Falls is really nice and lots of places to sit and picnic around the falls, High Falls in Rochester on the Genesee River beside the Genesee Brew House, and a few other smaller ones. Thank you so much for visiting my blog – I hope you’ll visit again! πŸ™‚

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