Photos of the Day – April 30th

Here we are on the night of the last day of April… just a few minutes, we will have a third of the year behind us! Hard to believe! I spent this last day of April with family celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday…..her special day is actually this coming Weds, but today was the day we could all get together! I just wish it had been warmer…….after the last couple of weeks of spring, it felt like we were thrown back in to the middle of winter, already – has spring ended – you know, like they say, ooppss, blinked and missed it, better luck next year!!!??? Nah…..just a last ditch effort to tease us, I’m sure!

So……here are the Photos of the Day for April 30, 2017:

# 120 Photo Prompt – This Makes Me Happy:

“My Family”


Finally got another chance to use that selfie-stick I bought for our Most Excellent Adventure!!! 🙂

“My Silly Family”


# 120 Caught By My Lens:

“Not My Family”


BTW – the warning sign is because they used to have life-sized dolls on this bench that they dressed to look like their grandchildren (actually, I thought it was kinda creepy – this is much better). People would stop all the time to take photos. Then, vandals started to damage them and eventually stole them, if I remember the story correctly! Pretty bad, huh? So, I see they finally put this display out there, but felt the need to say there are security cameras in use to deter any possible vandals from ruining it! What a sad world we live in!

“Sorta My Family”

These pretty ladies live in this lovely coop in my nephew’s family’s back yard…..they have quite the life – treated like family pets and enjoy being a part of the gang in exchange for a few eggs each day!


May 2017s Photo Prompts:

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