Muir Woods and Sausalito, CA Adventure

So, my main reason for spending several extra days in San Francisco after my Coastal California Cruise was to see some of the areas surrounding the city. I booked two full day tours – the first was to Muir Woods and Sausalito. I used Gray Line for the tours. The day started out a tad frustrating……the bus was late picking up at the various hotels, so we missed the 9:00 tour. We were told there was another one at 10:00, but 10:00 came and went and we weren’t put on a bus to start the tour! Finally, the Gray Line guy came out and said he had good news and bad news – the good news was there was a shuttle on the way – the bad news was it would only hold 18 people and there were around 30 booked! Apparently, someone had grossly over booked that day’s Muir Woods/Sausalito tour. So……he said the first 18 people in line would get to go and the rest they will discuss alternatives for. As they counted out the first 18, I quickly realized I was going to be somewhere around # 22…..UGH!!! Then, he got to # 17 and the next few people in line were parties of 2 or more, so he said “we have one more seat – is anyone here a single?” My hand shot up with the speed of lightening! So, I got on the bus! YAY! Day saved! But, there were a lot of angry people on the bus – mainly those who had the Muir Woods/Sausalito/Alcatraz tour – they would have to skip Sausalito in order to make it to Alcatraz in time for the final ferry to the island! But, I just tuned them out and enjoyed my day…..and thanked the Lord that I didn’t have any interest in going to Alcatraz, so didn’t get the expanded ticket! 😀

I wasn’t that impressed with Sausalito – a lovely little harbor town, but loaded with high end shops and restaurants, so I spent my time there sitting on a bench overlooking the harbor and watching the boats and birds! But, Muir Woods was what made the day fabulous! It is so majestic – I walked the trails (most of them) and sat on benches along the way and just gazed in awe at the massive trees and God’s splendor! It really was incredible!

The woods are so dense and the trees are so tall that it was very difficult to get any photos good enough to display the beauty and capture all that I saw……but, I gave it the old college try and this is what I captured:



I always try to make the most of whatever hand I’m dealt and have a good time……this was a perfect example of how I could have allowed the start of the day to ruin the entire day —- like so many others on the tour did —- but, I chose to see it as a minor hiccup that ended splendidly!!! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! hahaha

Next up — I’ll post my photos of the Napa Valley / Sonoma day tour……one of my top favorite things of the entire trip!!!

3 Comments on “Muir Woods and Sausalito, CA Adventure

  1. Sausalito is very expensive but some of the shops are not as expensive as it seems. I got a piece of jewelry there for not too much. They were willing to bargain. There is a store there that has very cheap gifts and I love that store. We also got a neat Christmas ornament in one of the shops that I really like but last time we went the store was not as good. The food prices are outrageous. We usually take a ferry over there so that adds to the fun. Otherwise I could take it or leave it. After 2 hours I am ready to leave.
    I think Muir woods was my favorite places in the San Fransisco area I only wish I made it to the gift shop when it was open. One of the best parks I have ever been to. (It was not crowded and to be honest I liked it better than Yosemite.) I think just experiencing it brings a person closer to God. It surely is majestic!

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