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2019 Advent Daily Photos – Week One

I like to do the special Advent and Lent Photo Challenge lists……here is the topic list for this year’s Advent Challenge: And, here we go with the photos I took for week one: PURPLE WINTER COAT GIVING TUESDAY BELIEVE WINDOW DISPLAY PATIENCE (waiting for… Continue Reading “2019 Advent Daily Photos – Week One”

November Daily Photos – Part Three

In just a couple hours, it will be December 1st……in just 31 days, this year will be over! I want to know where the dimmer switch is that lets us slow down time!!! Since no one can tell me where that little gadget is,… Continue Reading “November Daily Photos – Part Three”

November Daily Photos – Part Two

Hi…..we got a solid taste of winter this past week with about a foot of wet, icy, heavy snow…..what a rude awakening and early view of what is to come! I also ended up spending a day in the ER with severe vertigo and… Continue Reading “November Daily Photos – Part Two”

May Daily Photos – Part Two

Man, oh Man……May sure FLEW by! Yeah, I know – I still owe you posts from my Transatlantic Cruise……I’ll get them up – I promise…..I’m just not promising WHEN I’ll get them up!!! Life sure has a way of getting crazy on us! Between… Continue Reading “May Daily Photos – Part Two”

April Showers of Photos – Part Two

The second half of April’s Photos of the Day Challenge pictures were mostly taken during my recent vacation……more on that in other posts coming soon! Here are my favorites from April Part Two……the daily topic is noted under each photo! PJ’s Lunch Pink Someone… Continue Reading “April Showers of Photos – Part Two”

April Showers of Photos…..Part One

April Showers Bring May Flowers……well, we should have a LOT of flowers coming our way! Here’s some showers of a different kind – showers of photos! hehehe I bring you the first half of April’s Daily Photos (the topic of each will be noted):… Continue Reading “April Showers of Photos…..Part One”

March Fave Daily Photos – Second Half

March is done……and, it definitely went out like a lion!!! What was supposed to be a quick cold spell and a bit of snow turned into a VERY snowy afternoon and evening, today! But, we will be back in the 50’s on Tuesday and… Continue Reading “March Fave Daily Photos – Second Half”

February Favorite Fotos – Part Two

Goodbye, February……can’t say as I’m sorry to see you go! Here’s to hoping March is much kinder to us……bringing thoughts of Spring and new beginnings! Here are a few of my favorite Daily Photo Challenge pics from the last half of February – the… Continue Reading “February Favorite Fotos – Part Two”

January Daily Photo Summary!

Yeah, yeah……I know……I’ve been absent on here this month!!! January is a tough month — the let down from the holidays — winter really digs in her heals — it seems like the longest month in history!!! But, all that aside, it wasn’t a… Continue Reading “January Daily Photo Summary!”

A Few Daily Photos…..

Let’s catch up on some of my favorite Daily Photos from the end of November and so far in December……the prompt is noted below each one! Big Small Gorgeous Walk Sleep Fave Vegetable A Drink A Good Habit Under Joy Begins With “S” Lights… Continue Reading “A Few Daily Photos…..”