Strange Dream

I had another of my famously strange dreams this morning.  I went to bed early last night because I was so tired.  Then, about 4:30 I was wide awake.  The girls thought it was morning and wanted to go out to take care of business, so I got up and on the computer.  After about an hour, we all went back to bed to finish the night and try to sleep in – after all, it was Saturday!  Some time between going back to bed and waking up again at 8:00, this dream happened…….one of the oddest I think I’ve ever had!

So, this is how it went.  I was in a meeting that wasn’t going well.  I didn’t recognize any of the people in the meeting, but they all seemed to dislike me a LOT and weren’t paying any attention to my presentation and as soon as it was over, they bolted out the door without any reaction or interaction with me at all.  I stood there in shock and started to get upset.  Two ladies I didn’t recognize came up to talk to me.  We acted like we knew each other very well and I told them how upset I was and I started crying.  They went into a rant about how I should just forget about “those idiots” and chalk it up to ignorance.  I started feeling better and grabbed one of the donuts left on the tray from the meeting.  I bit into it and noticed what looked like a string inside.  As I looked closer, I could see it was moving.  I immediately spit out the bite that was in my mouth.  The ladies looked closely as I pulled it out of the donut and discovered a very large worm and it was ALIVE and wiggling around!  We all shuddered and were sickened at the thought that it was in the catered meeting food!  About half way down this large worm (and when I say large, I mean LARGE – it was easily 2-3 feet long and as big around as tube of chapstick) there was a bulge.  The skin of the worm was stretched very thin and we could see through it to see what was causing the bulge.  It was a tiny piglet!  Apparently, the worm ate this baby piglet and it wasn’t digested, yet.  (yes, I know – worms don’t eat stuff like that, but this one did and it is my dream, so that surely explains it!)  So, we just happened to have a scalpel handy and I very carefully sliced open the worm’s skin to retrieve the piglet.  It was very tiny — as oddly small as the worm was oddly large — it was barely over an inch long and maybe 1/2 as big around as it was long – just round enough to create an obvious bulge in the large worm.  When I  got the piglet out, it was all curled up and felt warm to the touch.  I put my finger on the chest and felt a very faint heart beat!  It was alive – barely!  We all got happy and excited that we just may have saved the little piglet’s life!  We talked quickly about what we should do.  I said that I should take it to Dr. Cindy – she’ll know what to do!  So, I wrapped it in a wash cloth and ran to All Animals Veterinary Hospital and told them I had an emergency for Dr. Cindy!  Dr. Cindy confirmed the piglet was still alive, but in distress.  She said they would do what they could and that she was hopeful that they could save it.  She said I needed to decide what I wanted to do with the piglet if it lives.  Without any thought at all, I said “of course, I’ll take it home and raise it!”  I woke up just about that moment………not sure if the piglet survived, but I’m glad I woke up before I totally committed to bringing a pig home to live with me and the girls!  Can’t imagine how THAT would have gone!!!  haha

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