f08d42c7af8e0a62Can we please provide a mandatory class to all Sanford drivers to remind them what the YIELD sign means?  It means “yield the right of way”!  You should slow down and decide if you can safely enter the flow of traffic – if not, you need to stop until you can because the flow of traffic on the street you wish to merge into has the right of way! 

It does NOT mean “speed up and squeeze or push your way into the flow of traffic” or “everyone has to move over so you can get in” — you do NOT have the right of way!

Yes, people should shift over into another lane, if possible, out of courtesy so that merging traffic can enter the flow.  BUT – it is NOT required AND it is not always safely possible for someone to change lanes!

So, please – Sanford drivers – I beg of you – look up what the rules are surrounding yield signs and show a little patience!!!

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