Pet Peeve of the day

I am renewing a pet peeve I posted about in January that still tends to irritate me whenever I encounter it….what gives with this?  Am I missing something here?  This baffles me to no end!!!  Come on people – unless you have a Mommie that follows you around and does it for you, take care of your own business!!!

The source of my irritation involves those sanitary paper liners for public restrooms.  The intended use of these is a good thing and many people use them to help maintain some level of sanitation in public restrooms.  What bothers me are the people who use them and then just get up and leave the stall without disposing of the liner – they just leave it on the seat for the next person to deal with.  Come on — are they THAT paranoid of germs that they can’t carefully touch the outer edges of a paper liner that they didn’t mind touching when they put it in place and just push it into the toilet?  It’s not like they have to crumple it up in their hands to toss it in a trash receptacle.  They use the same hands to use toilet paper before they get up – if you get my drift (at least I would hope they do).   They are even going to go right out and wash their hands (again, at least I would hope they do).  AND – it was THEIR butt that was on the liner!!   DUH!!!  It is totally selfish and disrespectful to leave it for the next person or someone responsible for cleaning the restroom to take care of — we certainly don’t want to touch something they had their butt on – especially if they aren’t willing to do so!!!

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