I had two very strange dreams last night close to morning and time to be getting up.  They both woke me and made it hard to get back to sleep.  I was thinking about what might have caused them and couldn’t come up with anything!  Guess there is something bazaar going on in my subconscious, but not sure what would have triggered these particular dreams!

The first one was short…..I dreamed that I was riding in my Mom’s car coming from Albion towards Eagle Harbor.  As we got close to the canal bridge on Eagle Harbor Road, I noticed a new sign on the other side of the bridge where the old post office and store used to be.  It was the famous golden arches of McDonald’s!  I burst out laughing and said, “They are putting a McDonald’s in Eagle Harbor?  Seriously?  Is there enough traffic that goes through here to indicate they might do a good business here?  In Eagle Harbor?” and continued to laugh about it.  Just as Mom got ready to turn onto the bridge, we noticed it was lifting.  I said, “Careful, the bridge is going up.”  She pulled up really close to it to maneuver the car into a position straight on to the bridge, instead of at an angle from the stop sign.  In doing that, I thought she was a little too close, so I said again, “Watch out, the bridge is going up.”  Just then, her front tires slipped over the edge of the road and when the bridge finished lifting, the car did a nose dive into the canal.  When I realized we were going to end up in the canal, I rolled my window down and told Mom to do the same so that we could get out easily.  We got out and stood on some rocks waiting for the bridge to come back down.  I looked up and saw my brother and his wife standing on the bridge and I yelled at them “hey, Mom’s car is in the canal” and we all burst out laughing again!  Then I told Mom that we need to swim to the bridge so we could climb up the canal bank.  That was when I woke up!

The next one was longer, but just as odd!  I dreamed that I was eating lunch in La Dolce Vita with some friends from work.  We were sitting there talking when a couple of young girls started arguing as they stood by our table.  The argument turned really aggressive and they started shoving each other and then started throwing fists at each other!  They were fighting and bumping into our table, so I poured a glass of ice water on one of them to get them to stop.  When that didn’t work, I poured another glass on the other one.  That didn’t work, either, so I and some others tried pushing at them to break them up.  Just then a SWAT team came busting through the door with shields and guns and ordered everyone to get down on the floor and put our hands behind our heads and don’t look up.  They broke up the fight and took the two girls out of the restaurant in hand cuffs.  They told us all to remain on the floor with our hands behind our heads.  They kept yelling out orders that we couldn’t understand under their face shields.  Finally, they started grabbing us one by one by the arm and taking us to the counter to pay for our meals and leave our name, phone number, and addresses for the lawyers to contact us for statements.  They told me that I may be hearing from the lawyers about my assault on the girls – I said I didn’t understand because all I was doing was trying to break it up.  He said it was illegal to throw water on someone and that I may face charges.  He was being very mean about it and seemed extremely angry that I stepped in and did what I did!  We left the restaurant and got in a big school bus.  I was sitting in the front seat in the row closest to the door (not the row behind the driver).  The driver was taking us back to our respective places of work and drove down one road that looked like it was near the court house somewhere.  As he came up a little incline to a stop light, it turned green and he proceeded through the intersection.  The road on the other side of the stop light was a sharp down hill and once he got the bus over the hump where we could see the road ahead, we saw that it was all fresh dirt and a HUGE hole.  There was nothing the driver could do but yell for everyone to HANG ON TIGHT!  We did a full speed nose dive into the big hole and the bus crashed and was flipping in slow motion onto the roof.  That is when I jolted awake with such a jerk that I heard a big snap in my neck and upper back!!!  It caused a really sharp pain and is still really painful!!!  I’m in for a day of pain with this!!!

So — a couple more strange dreams to go down in my dream history books! 

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