2016 Daily Photo – March 1

Here we are starting a new month……and a new inspiration for my daily photos! This month, I am trying something different. Instead of being inspired by what catches my eye on any given day or by ideas for a staged photo, I plan to try one of the suggestions left by a follower in a comment on an early February post…..my inspiration for the month of March will be the ALPHABET! I will go through the alphabet and find a creative way to depict a different letter on each day of the month. I think it will force me to give these photos more thought and chance to be more creative….I’ll try to not be lazy and go with the obvious choice for the day (like I avoided taking a picture of an apple, today!), but I’m sure some days will require a LOT more thought and creativity than other days……thinking ahead to Q, X, and Z!!! Also, since there are more days in the month than letters in the alphabet, I am not sure, yet, how I’ll treat the last few days…..go back and repeat letters from the beginning, pick my favorite letters and find new ways to represent them, or maybe randomly draw the letters to be repeated out of a hat!!!??? We’ll see……

So….let’s kick off March with the letter “A”:


030116_A is for Albion

“A is for Albion”

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