2016 Daily Photos – March 2-4

So far, so good with using the alphabet as my inspiration for these Daily Photos! Here are the ones I shot on March 2-4:


030216_B is for Bells

“B is for Bells”

Some of the beautiful hand bells used by the Albion First United Methodist Church Bell Choir!


030316_C is for Culvert

“C is for Culvert”

What do you do on your way from Medina thinking about things to represent the letter “C” for your daily photo challenge? Well, stop for a photo op at the Canal Culvert, of course!

This is the only spot along the entire canal system where the road goes through a culvert under the canal! Constructed in 1823 and still accessible today, it is not only an engineering marvel of its time, but it is also listed in Ripley’s Believe it or Not.


030416_D is for Dance

“D is for Dance”

I have admired this sign for a long time…..and always wondered if there was a story behind it – maybe the upper floor above what is now Uncle Sal’s restaurant used to be a dance hall??? Well, I decided to stop and get a photo for today’s “D” challenge and while I was shooting it, someone came up behind me and said “I can turn the sign on for you, if you’d like”!!! I turned around and it was Uncle Sal’s owner, Kenny! I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about the sign. He said there is no story – just a really cool sign…..and I lucked out to have a really nice chat about it! So — no dance hall ghosts waltzing till the wee hours of the morning, but still a really cool sign!!!


030416_D is for Dance up close

I like the long shot better cause it shows off the building’s beautiful architecture, so it was picked as the photo of the day, but I thought I’d also include a close up so the sign can be the star of the photo!

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