2016 Daily Photos – March 5-7

Continuing on with the alphabet, here are the Daily Photos for March 5-7…..E, F, and G:


030516_E is for Edgar Allan Poe

“E is for Edgar Allan Poe”

Thank you to Carolyn Ricker of Bindings Bookstore in Albion for allowing me to high jack her books for this photo!


030616_F is for Frozen Fence

“F is for Frozen Fence”

Taken at Point Breeze, NY where the Oak Orchard River meets Lake Ontario

Despite the recent warmer temperatures, the water spray up on the break wall chains is still cold enough to keep this beautiful sight from thawing out.


030716_G is for Garlic

“G is for Garlic”

LOTS of garlic!!! I bet Tops doesn’t have a huge problem with vampires doing their shopping there!

4 Comments on “2016 Daily Photos – March 5-7

    • I went to the Point to try to get a photo of some fishermen for my “F” photo – no fishermen! But, I was surprised (not sure why) to see the ice on the break wall nowhere near beginning to melt! I had to remind myself that the water is still extremely cold and the high winds we’ve been having has really sprayed the water to layer upon layer the ice on it! Yes – very cool – and really quite beautiful to see!

  1. I look forward to your posts. I like what you are doing. It is nice to see familiar areas. I am Albion, class of 82. 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting! I am so happy you enjoy my blog. It is great to hear from another proud Purple Eagle – I am class of ’74!

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