December Daily Photos – THE END

WOW — this post marks the end of the Daily Photos for December AND for 2020!!! I know most people are super happy to see 2020 end. Not that they honestly think all will be better and brand new at the stroke of midnight, tonight, but it gives us all a psychological pause and chance to breathe and hope for the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel”. Let’s all just take a moment……close our eyes……take a cleansing breath……and say “Goodbye, 2020… will NOT be missed…….leave quietly and never come back!!!”……and, then, say “Hello, 2021……come in…..sit down……behave yourself……and we’ll all get along just fine!!!”

Before I get into my final Daily Photos for December 2020, let me share some funnies that I found on Facebook and gave me a good chuckle:

I’m going to go for “Bedtime Chic”….how about you?

I want to try to do this…..but… guarantees I’ll be awake at midnight! hehehe


This can’t be good…….

And, now……on with the photos:




I’m told this house has recently started renovations……so happy……I drive by it all the time and am sad to see it abandoned! I didn’t take the photo to highlight it’s current state – I just knew it would make a great “monochrome” photo. But, posting it ended up providing me with such wonderful news of its future!




So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!! I’ll catch you all in 2021…….but, for now, here is the January 2021 Daily Photo Topic List:

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