Movie Review – The Other Woman

MV5BMTc0ODE4ODY1OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDA5NjkzMTE@__V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_AL_ Friday nights are absolute DUDS for TV……there is NOTHING on – I can not wait until the fall season brings Blue Bloods (and yummy Donnie Wahlberg) back to give me something to look forward to watching on Friday nights!!! But, that is still a few weeks away, so last night found me sitting there flipping channels trying to find something that caught my interest and that I haven’t already seen…….I found nothing. So, I tried to read a little, but my mind wasn’t in that mode – I read about 10 pages and realized I had no clue what any one of them said, so I found the last words I remembered reading and put the book down. I watched an episode of “Chopped” I had on the DVR and then there were no recordings left. I was bored and nothing seemed to relieve that – UGH!

 But, then I thought, “I wonder what movies are on pay-per-view”. So, I turned to channel 500 and started to read the list…..I couldn’t believe it…….nothing on that list was grabbing me, either! What was wrong with me???? Then, I got down the list a ways and found “The Other Woman” starring Cameron Diaz – I remembered seeing that advertised when it came out in theaters (I considered seeing it then, but never got around to it) – not that long ago. So, I watched the trailer and laughed out loud and I knew that was what I was going to watch.

 WHAT A HOOT!!! It was so funny and entertaining – an all around feel good type of movie!

 Cameron Diaz plays Carly Whitten, a successful lawyer who has mostly superficial relationships with guys she rarely calls by their names – she gives them nicknames to identify them – until she starts seeing Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and begins a real boyfriend/girlfriend relationship – she even plans to introduce him to her father. On the evening she arranges for them to meet her father for dinner, Mark tells her that his housekeeper called and said that some pipes burst in his house and the basement is flooded, so he has to cancel their date. She suggests they meet her father the next night and he tells her that won’t work for him, either. Thinking he is just trying to avoid meeting her father, she blows up at him and storms off. Later, her father (Frank – played by Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame) convinces her to give him a break and go see if she can smooth the fight over. So, she dresses up as a sexy plumber and rings his doorbell – when a woman comes to the door, she introduces herself and says “you must be Mark’s housekeeper”, to which the woman replies, “no, I’m his wife”!!! Mortified, Carly leaves in a not so graceful exit. The wife, Kate – played hysterically by Leslie Mann – finds Carly and goes to the law offices she works at and causes hilarious ruckus when Carly confirms she has been sleeping with her husband. Kate persists in trying to make a connection with Carly, who attempts to avoid her and put her off, but keeps getting sucked into her drama. Eventually, they become friends and discover that there is at least one other girlfriend out there! Together, they find the girlfriend that Mark is “cheating on both of us” with – Amber, played by Kate Upton. The three form a bond and set out to get even with the unsuspecting Mark. And one hilarious scene after another ensues!

If you’re thinking Mark must have a “type”, you couldn’t be further from the truth……the three women couldn’t be more different! Kate, the wife, is a ditzy chatterbox who flits around from one subject to the next without a parachute! She has ZERO inhibitions or filters, is overly emotional and, in her own words, “needs to go to brain camp”. Carly is a mature, successful lawyer who, other than her love life, has it all together. She is sophisticated and independent. Amber, on the other hand, is much younger than the other two, naïve, and extremely voluptuous. She has a sweet, child-like quality to her. And, when the three discover yet another lover, she appears to be another type all together with dark hair. Leslie Mann (Kate), Cameron Diaz (Carly), and Kate Upton (Amber) couldn’t be more perfect in the roles – the casting team deserves kudos for their selection! I especially liked Kate – she was a RIOT…..and much smarter than she acts and gives herself credit for – the things she comes up with to do to Mark to make him suffer are brilliant and priceless!

The rest of the cast was quite noteworthy, as well. Don Johnson is refreshing as Frank, Carly’s father – you don’t see much of him, but he fits well in the cast. Nicki Minaj does a surprisingly good job as Carly’s outrageous assistant, Lydia, in her office. David Thorton played Mark’s boss, Nick – Thorton also played Allie’s father in The Notebook. But, the supporting character that I enjoyed the most was Kate’s brother, Phil, played by Taylor Kinney – also seen as heartthrob Kelly Severide on TVs Chicago Fire —- OMG, I melted watching every scene he was in and his character was such a nice guy – a real sweetie! I didn’t like the actor that played Mark – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – he seemed to phony in the role, but, then again, maybe he was just doing a really good job because you aren’t supposed to like his character!

I really enjoyed this movie and am so very glad I thought about pay-per-view and didn’t just go to bed early because there was nothing on TV that was worth staying awake for! As for my movie criteria – I laughed (A LOT), I did NOT cry at all (but, it wasn’t that kind of a movie, so I won’t deduct points for that), I fell in love with the characters, and I felt good when it was over — BINGO! If you get a chance to see this movie – take advantage of it – you won’t regret it! I recommend it for those who just want to be entertained and laugh – it will fit the bill, for sure! I rate this one a solid A – I had a real good time watching it!

Here’s the trailer:


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