Old Musicals = Pure Joy!

I am a sucker for old musicals! There are way too many that are on my “most favorite” list to name…..suffice it to say, if it is a musical and stars any of the great song and dance stars, I’m in heaven! Sunday was a rainy day, so I spent a large part of it on the couch watching TV. I flipped around until I settled on Turner Classic Movies and pretty much stayed there all day. It was Walter Pigeon day, so they were showing many of his great films.

funny_girl_1968_300x436_460233 The highlight of the day was “Funny Girl” (1968), starring the incomparable Barbra Streisand as Ziegfeld Follies star Fanny Brice, Omar Sharif as the love of her life Nick Arnstein, and Walter Pigeon as Flo Ziegfeld. What an incredible film! I grew up loving Barbra Streisand and singing her songs over and over in my room in front of the mirror with a brush as a microphone! As I watched “Funny Girl”……for probably the 1000th time…….I sang every song right along with the movie – word for word! It made my day!!!

Here are some clips from Barbra Streisand’s “Funny Girl” – sorry some you have to click to view on YouTube – well worth it:


A very powerful rendition of “My Man”

My very favorite Barbra Streisand song to sing – “Second Hand Rose”

And, the GREAT “Don’t Rain On My Parade”

16850531Then, this evening, I turned on the TV and it was still tuned to Turner Classic Movies and I was delighted to find “Summer Stock” (1950), starring the wonderful Judy Garland and the incredibly talented Gene Kelly! WOW! What a treat to watch Gene Kelly dance — he is such an amazing dancer, actor, singer! And…..what incredible talent did Judy Garland have — she could do it all, but to hear her sing just melts my heart! I could not believe how lucky I was to watch two fantastic classic musicals within two short days!

Here are clips from “Summer Stock” – again, you will need to click to view these on YouTube – it is worth it:

summer stock

First up – Judy Garland in her classic tuxedo dress doing “Get Happy”

And, now – Gene Kelly in a dance solo – only Gene can turn a squeaky floor and a newspaper into a dance routine!

Watching these has really wet my appetite for classic musicals — wonder what others I can find on Amazon Prime to watch throughout the rest of the week!!!???

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