I Love Lucy…..And Wine!!!

The Busy Buddies group I belong to had a Jamestown/Wine Tasting day trip scheduled in September. I didn’t sign up for it – even though I drooled when I saw it on the list – because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be in town and able to go…..wasn’t sure when I’d get back from my New England Adventure! Monday, while I was at the gym working out, “something” made me think about that tour! So, I left in the middle of my work out and walked over to Orleans Travel to talk to Mitzy and ask her if I missed it or if there was still a chance I could go. Well……she said “it’s tomorrow – wanna go?” WOW – there was just one seat left and I grabbed it!!! 😀 Just one more wonderful benefit of being retired……flexibility to plan a full day trip at the drop of a hat!!!

The September 12th tour included a stop in Jamestown, NY to tour the Lucille Ball museums, then, a boat cruise on Chautauqua Lake boarding at Lucille Ball Memorial Park in Celeron, NY, and stops at two local wineries on the way back to Albion. It was a gorgeous day for it – mid 70s, sunny, ever so slight breeze – and everything we did and saw was just amazing! I had the best time…..so glad something tickled me into thinking about asking when I did and I didn’t end up missing out on a fantabulous day!!!

Here are some photos from the tour…..but, first……here are my Photos of the Day for September 12, 2017:

# 255 Photo Prompt – Emotional:

“I Do Love Lucy”


This also shows my OOTD – LLR Perfect Tee and Leggings

# 255 Caught By My Lens:

“Even When She’s a Scary Lucy”



First, we toured the Desilu Studios Museum

Focused on memorabilia from the TV Show – “I Love Lucy”

I do believe this is the closest I’ve ever been to an actual Emmy Award!!!

The “I Love Lucy” kitchen

And, their living room

And, bedroom…..

And, the apartment they had when they moved to Hollywood!!!

Lots of Lucy’s outfits from the show were on display – like her most iconic blue and white polka dot dress!

I loved seeing all the enlarged still photos from the show! Brought back so many memories!

Lucy appeared on the cover of TV Guide 36 times – more than any other star, ever…..here are just a few of those covers!

Right next door is the Lucy Desi Museum

Focused on Lucy and Desi’s personal lives and careers outside of “I Love Lucy”

Including childhood memories and interviews with people Lucy grew up with in Jamestown and Celeron, NY

Lots of her outfits…..like this one she wore in Mame!!!

Lucy’s 1972 Mercedes – donated by her son-in-law, Laurence Luckinbill (married to Lucy Arnez)!

There were MANY more displays of wonderful memorabilia – GREAT museums – and TWO gift shops!!!


The house on the RIGHT is Lucy’s childhood home on Lucy Lane in Celeron

The owners maintain the blue and white polka dot garage to honor her and her most iconic dress!

Lucille Ball Memorial Park, Celeron, NY – this beautiful statue was donated to the park to replace “Scary Lucy”!  The story goes that a bronze statue of Lucy depicting the “Vitameatavegimin” skit was donated to the park. Everyone who saw it were outraged at how ugly and scary the face was – definitely NOT a good representation of the beautiful Miss Lucille Ball! So, after much national publicity about the “Scary Lucy” statue, this one was commissioned and donated to replace it. I thought the old one was removed completely, but found that it is still there…..just moved to a less prominent spot in the park!

“Scary Lucy”

Lucille Ball Memorial Park is located on Chautauqua Lake – this is a working lighthouse!

We took a 2.5 hour boat ride on the lake – they served lunch and then we went up on top to enjoy the sunshine!  It was a perfect day for it!

 A boat full of Amish fishermen!

A Casino – but, not the kind you’re thinking! When it was originally opened, Casinos were places to go to have a meal, a drink, and some entertainment!

One of two non-working, ornamental light houses on the lake – we didn’t go to the area where the second one is located.

The interstate goes over the lake…..


We made wine tasting stops at two wineries after the boat tour! Both wineries are small, family owned businesses that grow their own grapes and process their own wine.

The first was Merritt Wines in Forestville, NY

They presented five wines for tasting and we could request others, if we wanted. I stick with the five they offered and ended up liking and purchasing bottles of three of them! 🙂

The second winery was Willow Creek Winery in silver Creek, NY

We were able to taste six of their wines – very nice! I bought one bottle of wine and some other gift items.

The vineyards at both wineries smelled AMAZING — the grapes are just about ready to harvest!

A special treat at Willow Creek Winery was this HUGE crane perched on the railing of the gazebo on the little pond behind the tasting room. I got fairly close, but not close enough to get a decent photo…..I only had my iPhone with me and it zooms in just so far before the photos turn fuzzy and pixelated! I wasn’t sure it was actually REAL because I stood there watching it for a while and it didn’t so much as flinch! But, when I got inside, the others were talking about it and I asked if it was real and one guy told me it was just scratching itself, so I guess it was! 😀

It was a great day, indeed!



5 Comments on “I Love Lucy…..And Wine!!!

  1. Kim, I so enjoyed going along on your tour Tom & I had a wonderful day in Jamestown a few years ago, but didn’t get to Celeron or the wineries. We were at the casino for my niece’s wedding reception 2 yrs ago, but it RAINED all day! We need to revisit that area in better weather. I looked at that photo of the Concord Grapes, and cannot wait to taste my first bunch! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Janette

    • When you go to Celeron, be sure to find the cemetery where Lucy is buried in the family plot. We didn’t stop there and I didn’t know she was buried there until after I got home or I might have suggested it! I’m told that the plot is adorned with huge lilacs because they were Lucy’s favorite flower, so maybe go during lilac season!

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