2017 LeClair, Iowa

More from my second full day in Iowa……after I left Dyersville and the Field of Dreams house, I headed south to LeClair, IA. I put LeClair in the plans because that is where the American Pickers from the TV show have their shop (they also have one in Tennessee). I love that show, so definitely wanted to see that! I heard they are rarely there, so I figured I wouldn’t see them……and didn’t…..but, that’s OK! It was still cool to see their stuff and their shop!

When I got to LeClair, I discovered it is the birthplace of Buffalo Bill Coty, so I just had to go to the museum that highlighted his life!

LeClair is a tiny little town on the Mississippi River with a railroad track that runs along the main drag through town – it looks like it is right out of the old west!

Here is Buffalo Bill pictured with his friends, Wild Bill Hickok (who I “met” last year), and Texas Jack

Here I am with Wild Bill in Deadwood, SD in Sept 2016! 🙂 But, I digress……

The museum also had many other artifacts of the time on display…..as well as historical items related to the Mississippi River

This steamer – Lone Star – was built in 1868

When you watch the show – American Pickers – and see the guys pull in to their shop, you get the idea that it is a big place with a large parking lot and that it is probably out in the country somewhere……nope – it is on a small corner lot right in the heart of downtown LeClair overlooking the Mississippi River!

So, that’s my trip to Iowa……hope you enjoyed the posts and photos! My third day there was a 1/2 day (I flew back home that afternoon) and photos from that day are in the post about Dubuque because I spent that morning exploring downtown Dubuque and the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. It was a GREAT trip and I really want to go back someday! I want to stay more in the center of the state and see the covered bridges in Madison County and anything else that I can find in that area…….also, I didn’t have time on my day in Dyersville and LeClair to catch the Hwy 80 Truck Stop – promoted as the largest truck stop in America and a real treat to see – but, it was getting late and it would have added another 2 hours to my day……I wanted to head back to Dubuque, get some dinner, and hit the sack! hahaha But, I wouldn’t mind putting it on my list for the next time I make it to Iowa!

Now…….to get Kentucky colored in sometime next year and then work on the other six western states!

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    • Nothing — just looked…..now, wait, that’s not correct – I did buy a couple refrigerator magnets!!! haha

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