Spoiler Alert….

“Spoiler Alert” — These words mean that someone is about to spoil an ending or a suspenseful scene that you’d really rather the chance to see for yourself. They are also words that typically do the exact opposite of their intent – they are intended to let the reader know to not continue reading if they don’t want to see the spoiler…….but, come on…….don’t they really make you want to continue reading even MORE???

So, here’s the thing……I was out of town on vacation this past week, including Sunday evening – the night I usually watch The Good Wife! But, I wasn’t worried – I made sure my DVR was set to record everything I usually watch every night while I was going to be away! I wasn’t going to miss a thing! Grey’s, Scandal, The Good Wife, Revenge, Nashville, Resurrection, and others would all be waiting for me to catch up on all the juicy episodes when I got back home – if I got to see it while I was gone, fine – if not, no big deal. On Sunday night, we watched Resurrection at my friend’s house and I didn’t give The Good Wife a second thought.

Then, Monday morning we were watching one of the network morning news shows and the hosts said those words…….”Spoiler Alert!!! If you’re a Good Wife fan and haven’t watched last night’s episode, yet, you may want to turn your sound off!” I covered my ears and turned away – I did NOT want to hear the spoiler!!!! Then, I went online and both AOL and Yahoo had lead stories with titles like “Good Wife fans in shock” or “Good Wife fans light up Twitter over shocking episode”! UUUGGGHHH!!! Now, I was in such a heightened state of curiosity, I could barely stand it!!! How could I possibly wait until Friday night, at the earliest, to watch Sunday’s episode! The suspense would kill me! So, I gave in and read just PART of the article — just enough to know what they were talking about, but not enough to ruin it when I got home to watch it! But……when I saw the words that informed me that Will Gardner was DEAD, the shock forced me to read on and even watch the video clip! The video really didn’t show much – it wasn’t enough to really spoil the build up! But, how could they kill off Will??? He is an important character…….and some pretty impressive eye candy, as well! I had to know more…….so, I found myself listening to all the news stories and reading all the articles about how the fans were in major turmoil over it and the producers and actors coming out to explain “WHY”!!!

Even though I knew what was going to happen, The Good Wife was the first show I selected on my DVR list when I settled in after arriving back home today – I had to see for myself. But……guess what??? The start times of the Sunday night shows on CBS were all shifted!!! Obviously, there must have been a sports event televised earlier in the day……and we know that sports events take priority over ALL other programming, which, by the way, really ticks me off that they can run over and preempt or shift everything else – they should have a set time slot and be made to stick to it, but, nope – they are allowed to just run over everything!!! But, I digress……where was I? Oh, yeah — so, I started the recording of The Good Wife and found that the DVR actually recorded most of The Amazing Race, which is on before The Good Wife…….YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!! I DIDN’T GET IT ON DVR???? I pay extra for DVR — it is amazing technology — and just when I need it the most, it fails me!!! Just seconds before my total melt down took over completely, I suddenly thought about On Demand……whew – a possible saving grace!

I immediately went to On Demand and thought “if it isn’t on here, I’m going to lose it!” But, all was fine – there it was – just waiting for me to watch it! And I did! And I cried….scratch that……I sobbed!!! I am not a happy Good Wife fan…..the show will need to take some really good turns to make up for this one!!!

So, the major points in this soap box session are:

  • If you know there are people who might be frustrated by you spoiling something special for them, don’t announce “Spoiler Alert”! It only makes them more frustrated and curious! Just don’t spoil it!!!
  • Televised sports events really need to stick to their allotted time frame and stop taking over everything else on TV – not EVERYONE is a sports fan!!!
  • Why kill Will Gardner off??? Couldn’t he just go off somewhere and let us believe that some day he might come back??? Can we hope that just maybe there might be some weird plot twist that brings him back from the dead – they do it in soap operas all the time!!! Hey, maybe the plots from Resurrection can spill over to CBS from ABC……they’re in the same time slot!!!

That’s it…….all off my chest…….soap box safely tucked away……for now……..good night!!!

RIP, Will Gardner — we will miss you!!!


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