January Daily Photos – Four

Oh, boy…..I came on here to post February’s first set of Daily Photos and discovered I never posted January’s last set!!! LOL…..guess I’m a bit behind! So, let me catch up with this post and then I’ll come back and do the more current one!


….for a Sunday gathering with friends!



I missed getting a photo on this day, so chose this one taken at the National Cathedral in Georgetown near Washington DC in spring of 2018.



DINNER – part 2 – finished product


“Are you seriously taking a photo of me, right now???”



So….that ends January! Actually, I’m really glad to be putting a solid period (or should I say exclamation point) at the end of January…..it took WAY too long to get through it and I’m glad to be moving on to February!

So, here’s February’s Daily Photo Challenge Topic List — we’re doing the alphabet in February!

2 Comments on “January Daily Photos – Four

  1. Finished product…that’s my favorite pasta dish but I add meatballs a lot of times!

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