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Photos of the Day – February 19-20

Oh, Boy……I realized this morning that I didn’t post yesterday’s photos of the day! One of them did get posted to Instagram, but the other one didn’t…..and, neither got posted here! So…..I’ll just tack yesterday’s on with today’s and move on like it is… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – February 19-20”

2016 Daily Photos – March 5-7

Continuing on with the alphabet, here are the Daily Photos for March 5-7…..E, F, and G: SATURDAY, MARCH 5: “E is for Edgar Allan Poe” Thank you to Carolyn Ricker of Bindings Bookstore in Albion for allowing me to high jack her books for… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – March 5-7”

2016 Daily Photo – Feb 15-18

The next set of Daily Photos showing the photos taken on Feb 15 thru Feb 18: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15: “Have You Read It?” Featured book for the 2016 A Tale of Three Counties program: Black River by S.M. Hulse GREAT BOOK – LOVED IT!!!… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – Feb 15-18”

2015 In Review

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Well, another year has come and gone and 2016 is here in all her glory! As is my usual practice, I thought I’d look back over the past year and reminisce a little. I wrote 56 blog posts in 2015… Continue Reading “2015 In Review”

Tea and Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning

I’m sitting here at my computer on this lovely Tuesday morning with a cup of tea just reading the news and updates of the day, visiting the web sites I visit each morning, and watching out my big den window as the neighborhood wakes up… Continue Reading “Tea and Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning”

Bill Lattin’s New Book Launch

Tonight I attended a special event. It was held at the Pullman Memorial Universalist Church on Halloween – a celebration they have made a tradition at their church. This year, the celebration included a presentation about the history of photographs by Joe Struble (more… Continue Reading “Bill Lattin’s New Book Launch”

Movie Review – Gone Girl

 I went to see the highly anticipated movie, Gone Girl, with a friend yesterday. We both read the book – written by Gillian Flynn – and both had a similar critique of it……loved the story and was riveted to the pages throughout….right up to… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Gone Girl”

Sip and Stroll

Today – August 9, 2014 – was a BLAST! The Albion Merchants Association hosted their first Wine Walk. They called the event “Sip and Stroll Through History”……love the name – it perfectly described the event and the feel of the day! I’ve participated in… Continue Reading “Sip and Stroll”

Time for a Brain Dump!

It has been a while since I just rambled on about a variety of topics that are totally unrelated, except that they are all stuck in my head together. So, yes, it is time to spill my guts, purge my thoughts, make room for… Continue Reading “Time for a Brain Dump!”

Brain Dump!

I think I’m up for a good ole “Brain Dump”… lots rattling around in my head and just might need to purge to make room for more interesting things to think about!  I’m one of those creative types, so I have an overactive imagination… Continue Reading “Brain Dump!”