Tuesday Thoughts and Images

OK, so, I’ve been a bad blogger……but, I’m writing, today! 😀 Lots going on around here, lately…..the spring weather has everyone out and about and enjoying the great outdoors! I love seeing people out getting their yards spruced up, walking, sitting on porches…..and the motorcycles are out and convertibles are down and life is just amazing! I’m planning to mow my lawn for the second time of the season as soon as the dew dries in the bright sun! Today will be an amazing day to get out and take a spin on the ole Cub Cadet…..my weather app predicts it will actually be “delightful”!

I had the best surprise on Friday! A friend who I haven’t seen in a long time flew into Buffalo and was going to be there a few hours, so called to see if I wanted to meet up for a bite to eat! Um…..YEAH!!! So, I drove in to Buffalo and we had the nicest time catching up!

But……on the way home I was reminded of a pet peeve of mine! I wish they would require ALL drivers to take a refresher course annually on what “Yield” means!!! Whenever I bring this up with others, I get the same response – “it DOESN’T mean STOP!”! Yes, that is true – sort of – but what irks me is the majority of drivers seem to think it means “speed up and force your way in with no regard to the oncoming traffic”!!! Please remember that “Yield” means that you don’t necessarily have to “Stop”, but it DOES mean you have to “yield to the car with the right of way”, which is the oncoming traffic that you are attempting to merge into….so, unfortunately, it does sometimes mean you might need to stop or drive slower until you can safely merge in! Most drivers will be kind enough to let you merge in, but sometimes traffic makes it so that is just not possible OR, yeah, maybe you get some jerk drivers who just won’t let you in…..but, if you hit one or get hit while forcing your way in while merging into oncoming traffic – it will be YOUR fault, not their’s, because THEY have the right of way! OK – soap box safely returned to the closet! On with all things delightful!!! 😀

I got to sit out on my patio a few times this week…..LOVED IT!!! I also finally put out my hummingbird feeders and the trays with peanuts and meal worms…the regular feeders were already out cause they stay out year round. I had planned to put the others out earlier, but it was so VERY windy, that I didn’t think they would last or get many visitors! So, I was sitting on the patio with the intention of finishing the book I was reading, but I ended up doing more bird watching than reading!

By the way……if you’re looking for a good book to read, I highly recommend the one I just finished (yes, I did end up finishing it, but not the day I chose to bird watch, instead). It is called “Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate. It is inspired by a true story and is one of the best books I’ve read in a while!

Everything in my yard is starting to wake up……some are in full bloom and some are just starting to bud out and some are later bloomers, so are still in their winter sleep….for now!

And…..to close out today’s post: Here are some of my favorite Daily Photos since my last post:

Hope you all have a DELIGHTFUL day!!! 😀

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