Thanks for the pose……

I love it when a great photo just “happens”……no major planning or staging needed…….just snap away and bam – there it is!

That happened, today…….the Daily Photo Topics I chose for today were “A Parking Lot” and “Birds”……I pulled into the Peebles parking lot in Albion cause it was FULL of seagulls……I enjoy taking bird photos, especially seagulls cause they are so funny to watch! Anyway, I pulled right up close to a few at one end of the parking lot, opened my car window, and started snapping some shots. Just as I got started, these two…..who were standing just a few feet away from my car looking right at me – watching me taking the photos……decided to “work” the photo shoot! The one faced the other and started squawking and the other one tried to ignore her (I assume “her” cause, well, she was obviously nagging) until he finally squawked back……they had quite the little argument for the camera and this was the result……the best shot……the moment when he finally decided he’d had enough and without looking her in the eye, just let out a controlled “mind your own business” squawk….to which she just kept right on yelling at him…….love it!!!


4 Comments on “Thanks for the pose……

    • I once saw a seagull in Walmart parking lot grab a McDonald’s bag that was discarded and tear it open to find leftover french fries and a half eaten burger! SCORE!!!

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