Photos of the Day – March 2nd

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I just started reading John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley: In Search of America – his personal accounting of a time later in his life when he just took off across the country in a make-shift camper and his dog, Charley, to reacquaint himself with America. I thought it was fitting for me to read just before Adventure Season kicks off. I was struck by the following two statements in Part I:

“A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike.”

“We find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.”

Here are the Photos of the Day for March 2, 2017:

# 61 Photo Prompt – My Breakfast:




I love going out for breakfast… always seems to taste better when someone else cooks it! So, when I saw that today’s photo prompt was “My Breakfast”, I knew I had to go out and have myself a special treat!

Oh, and by the way……my Kindle is open to the page that I read the above quotes on while eating this delicious breakfast!

Lenten Photo Challenge – Lent (Day 2) – What I Gave Up:




I’m not one to give up traditional things for lent – what is the point of giving up chocolate, etc. for a few weeks? I choose to find creative ways to give of my time and more of myself through kind acts and charitable giving during the Lenten Season! I think it serves a greater purpose and is far more personally enriching!


My day:

I had a busy day putzing around……errands here, there, and everywhere and grocery shopping. I had a big list cause I haven’t been to the store to do more than just pick up a couple things in a while and I was out of a LOT of things! I’ve never shopped at Aldi’s before…..I’ve had a couple people fairly recently tell me that they LOVE shopping at Aldi’s – so, I decided I would give them a try, today! Well……after discovering I had to pay a quarter to get a cart out of the rack to shop with (seriously???) and finding only 2 or 3 of the items on my extensive list available for purchase, I left and went to Tops to get my “real” groceries! I found out after I left that if I had put the cart back in the rack and reconnected the chain, I would have gotten my quarter back…..but, since there was NO – ZERO – signage telling me the procedure for getting (a kind gentleman told me about the quarter when he saw me struggling to figure out how to unhook the chain), using, and returning the carts, I just left it inside after boxing up my items (no bags – unless I wanted to pay for them)! I get the “no frills” idea of shopping, but for me, it just isn’t worth the savings……especially when I wasn’t able to find anything I needed! I think it is a safe bet that I won’t be returning there anytime soon!

So, after a day of running around, I missed getting a Caught By My Lens shot….in hindsight, I should have taken a picture of the chained up carts and the quarter slot to release them at Aldi’s!

Instead, I’ll leave you with a video clip of a great song I heard on the radio, while I was out and about……I love this song……and I REALLY loved the TV show it was used as the theme song for: China Beach! Here are two versions – first, with the opening clips from China Beach and second, with Diana Ross and The Supremes singing it live!


March 2017s Photo Prompts:


Lenten Photo Challenge:


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    • I usually don’t eat breakfast, except when I’m traveling or on special occasions…..but, when I do, I really love it! 🙂

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