Photos of the Day – February 19-20

Oh, Boy……I realized this morning that I didn’t post yesterday’s photos of the day! One of them did get posted to Instagram, but the other one didn’t…..and, neither got posted here! So…..I’ll just tack yesterday’s on with today’s and move on like it is exactly what I intended to do all along! πŸ˜€

Here are the Photos of the Day for February 19, 2017:

# 50 Photo Prompt – Best Invention:


“Butt Warmers and Hand Warmers”

In Western NY in the dead of winter, these are two features that are an absolute necessity and a blessing in every car!!! I know I’ll never buy another car without them! Best invention – EVER!!! Β πŸ™‚

# 50 Caught By My Lens:




Here are the Photos of the Day for February 20. 2017:

# 51 Photo Prompt – Books:


“I Should Cook More”

I sure have enough cookbooks (albeit, dusty ones) to support more cooking!

# 51 Caught By My Lens:

Β 022017_blue


What a gorgeous day to stop by Point Breeze on Lake Ontario! Chilly……but breathtakingly beautiful!


February 2017’s Photo Prompts:


5 Comments on “Photos of the Day – February 19-20

    • I’m betting you are talking about the butt and hand warmers??? Surely, not the dusty cookbooks! hahaha

  1. A friend of mine just found out that her car has a heater in the steering wheel after two years lol! Ever since then I keep checking all my buttons to make sure im not missing anything!

    • I often say my car does everything but cook me breakfast……I find a car that can also do that and I’ll be truly blessed! πŸ™‚

      • You need one of those bacon wake up clocks!…though I heard those are just for smell and you cant eat it lol! If my car smelled like bacon i wouldnt fight that πŸ˜’

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