Dream Analysis

Dreams – they are funny things!  I dream a lot and my dreams are usually very vivid and memorable.  I wake up and it doesn’t take much to remember the dreams I had while I was asleep.  The really detailed ones give me some good stories to write about and talk about!  Just click on the “Dreams” category and browse through just a few of the ones I decided to share.

I give a lot of thought to my dreams and try to figure out what in the world triggered them — what was it that must have been on my mind when I fell asleep that translated in my subconscious into the details of the dream?  I usually have no clue — the basis of most dreams remain a mystery and add to the bazaar nature of them.

But — I think I totally understand the one I had this morning just before I woke up!  It makes perfect sense to me!

The Dream:

It was a quick dream without a lot of intricate details.  The first part was that two of my fellow bloggers (Kelly and Melissa) came over to my house for tea.  We sat around my kitchen table and Kelly and Melissa both talked and talked and talked.  Every time I tried to join the conversation or start a new one, they just talked over me like I wasn’t there.  I couldn’t get a word in edgewise!  Then, I went to a class at what looked like a high school classroom.  Just as I walked into the door, I tripped and dropped my camera.  It hit the floor so hard that it shattered into a million little bitty pieces.  I got down on my hands and knees trying to collect all the pieces – most of which were the size of grains of rice and there were several handfuls of little screws like the ones on the bow of eye glasses.  I kept saying how I had to get all the pieces so I could put it back together because I didn’t want to buy a new one!
My Analysis:
  • Why Kelly and Melissa?  I have read both of their blogs for as long as I’ve had a blog and started following other local bloggers.  We are all very active bloggers.  Since I am on WordPress and they aren’t, they don’t show up on my Blog Surfer – I have to make a deliberate effort go to the links I put in my favorites to catch up with them.  I usually click those links a few times a week and find a lot I need to catch up on.  Lately, I have been checking every day and was just thinking the other day about how I don’t post as often as I used to, but both Kelly and Melissa seem to always have something new to read!  SO — that is probably my interpretation that they “talk” more than I do – even though I try to “talk” a lot!
  • Why did they come for tea?  I think that was prompted by my seeing “Alice in Wonderland” this past weekend.  I enjoyed the tea party scenes and even mentioned in my review that my love of the story as a child is probably why I still adore tea parties!  Tea parties were on my mind, so one ended up in my dream!
  • So, what’s the deal with my camera?  For some reason lately, I have thought a lot about getting a new camera.  Not sure why – my camera is fairly new, works great, and takes really nice pictures!  But, I find myself looking at cameras in stores and thinking about what kind I might like to upgrade to.  Every time I do, I tell myself that I don’t need a new one – the one I have is fine – it isn’t broke!  Last evening, I was talking to Mom to finalize plans for a trip we’re going on in a few months and we talked about not forgetting our cameras.  As we talked, I had a fleeting thought in the back of my head about getting a new one and, again, reminded myself that the one I have isn’t broken – I do not need to buy a new one!!!  So — in my dream I broke it so I could get a new one, but my subconscious made me try to fix it so I wouldn’t have to!!
  • Why a high school classroom?  Not sure about this one — unless it is because of all the stories in the Herald lately about dress codes, Saturday make up for snow days, and drop out rates!!??  Sounds good…..

So – a dream that made sense after I broke it down!  That’s different!  Sweet dreams…..

3 Comments on “Dream Analysis

  1. Alternate interpretation: You need to invite Melissa and me over for tea (of the iced, sweet variety) and we’ll take lots of pictures (though I promise not to break the camera) and it’ll be like a much nicer version of high school.


  2. Oh and I meant to say that you should put our blogs in a feed reader so you don’t have to remember to click. I use Google reader, which catches any RSS feed (so I can stay up-to-date on WordPress hosted blogs, too).

    You can even install a “next” button in your browser toolbar that takes you to the next blog in your feed. It’s pretty seamless and easy to set up if you want to try it.

  3. I like your alternate interpretation — but only if you’ll let me talk, too! 😉

    I’ll check out Google reader — thanks for the tip!

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