My Take on the Oscars

Tonight the coveted Academy Awards were presented to those who have excelled in their respective categories for film making.  The most glitzy and emotionally charged night of the year for Hollywood and those of us who love movies!  I love watching the Oscars being handed out — the clothes, the acceptance speeches, the embarrassing moments….I look forward to it every year!

Alas, I can not give an opinion on all of the winners because I didn’t actually see most of the movies that were nominated!  Seriously, right?  Me – the one who spends more time in the movie theater than anywhere else I go?  I missed most of the movies that were nominated?  To be honest, it has been that way for the past few years — I have not had a big interest in the ones that end up being nominated and the ones I thought were worth my praise just weren’t artsy enough to get a nod from the Academy or were snubbed for whatever reason! 

The movies I did see that were nominated did do well, though (click the links for each to read my reviews for each of the films):

  • UP! won for Best Animated Feature Film — I loved UP!  It was an amazing film – by far the best animated film ever made, in my opinion!  I am thrilled that it won in not only this category, but also in the Best Original Score.
  • Jeff Bridges won Best Actor for his role as Bad Blake in Crazy Heart!  I have always loved Jeff Bridges, but this role was his best yet – absolutely deserving of an Oscar!  I adored the film as a whole, as well, so was also happy to see that it also won for Best Original Song for “The Weary Kind” – a lovely song!
  • Sandra Bullock won Best Actress for her role as Leigh Ann Tuohy in The Blind Side.  Sandra is the queen of the romantic comedy – great roles, fun movies, but generally not Oscar worthy!  She took on this role and played it to the hilt!  She did a phenomenal job and is now not only America’s Sweetheart, she is America’s Oscar Winning Sweetheart!  You go girl — the girl next door can make it to the big leagues, after all!

That’s all I can offer as far as opinions on the awards!  Other nominees from films I actually saw that didn’t win anything were:

  • Stanley Tucci in his brilliant portrayal of the villain in The Lovely Bones (nominated for Best Supporting Actor)
  • Meryl Streep in her portrayal of Julia Child in Julie and Julia (nominated for Best Actress) – loved her part, but wasn’t too crazy about the rest of the movie
  • Sherlock Holmes – nominated for Best Original Score and Best Art Direction – hated the movie, but both these categories were appropriate nominations for it

So, on to what I thought of what everyone was wearing:

  • What I DID NOT like:
    • Miley Cyrus — the bottom was OK, but she looked like she forgot to put on the top part!  Totally not age appropriate!
    • Sarah Jessica Parker — sorry, but I have never agreed that she is some kind of a fashion icon!  Tonight was no exception — she looked like she realized at the last-minute that she forgot to get a dress and just wrapped a sheet around herself and then attached one of those floral swag things you find over mirrors to the bodice!  And her hair was a MESS!
    • Charlize Theron — it was a lovely dress and molded her body beautifully — but they ruined it by putting two big flowers or circle things on each boob!
    • Vera Farniga — looked like she took a spool of ready-made ruffle trimming fabric and just wrapped herself in it!
    • Zoe Saldena — a mess of purple fluff and poof!
    • Barbara Streisand — a dowdy black dress with a lace table cloth wrapped around her neck!
    • Diane Kruger — looked like someone took a bunch of scraps and stuck them all together!
    • Tina Fey — looked like she just stepped out of a Tarzan movie!
    • Mariah Carey — typical Mariah Carey – too tight, too small, and not enough of it in any of the necessary places!
    • Sigourney Weaver — ill-fitting — looked like she grabbed it off the rack, but didn’t have time to go to a good tailor to have it taken in – she was drowning in it! 
  • What I DID like: 
    • Jennifer Lopez took the top prize for best gown in my opinion!  It was absolutely beautiful and fit her body perfectly!
    • Helen Mirren looked elegant, as always!
    • Sandra Bullock’s dress was gorgeous, but I was not totally crazy about the top part!
    • Penelope Cruz was stunning, as usual!
    • Rachel McAdams – I really liked her colorful, flowing, cloud looking dress – very pretty!
    • Elizabeth Banks, Demi Moore, and Cameron Diaz all looked amazing, as well…..

So — it’s all over for another year!  See you at the movies!

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