Movie Review – Brooklyn’s Finest

Richard Gere…Don Cheadle…Ethan Hawke…Wesley Snipes – WOW – with a cast like that, it has to be one for the record books…right???  How can it not be great???  Put them all together in a good cop story and you’ve got a winner!  I hadn’t seen any of the previews for this film, but when I saw it listed this weekend, I was immediately drawn to it.  I like a good cop drama, but it was the cast that captured me and made me head out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to take in a movie!

And the cast didn’t disappoint……all were true to form and perfectly cast in their roles.  Gere as the cop waiting out his last 7 days before retiring from a lackluster career;  Cheadle as an undercover detective infiltrating a drug gang;  Hawke as a narcotics detective struggling with ethics and needing more money to care for his growing family;  and Snipes as the head of the drug gang.  I was also very excited to see Vincent D’Onofrio in the opening scene – I didn’t realize he was in the film!  I love him on Law and Order, Criminal Intent and in other roles I have seen him in – such a quirky character!  But — he was in all of two minutes (if that) of the opening scene before his face was blown off!  It goes without saying that I didn’t see any more of him…..

So, the cast was great, the acting suburb…….that ends the things I can say were special about the movie!  Don’t get me wrong – it was good!!!  Action, drama, complex story line……a very good movie!  But, unfortunately, nothing really special!  It was a lot of “same ole, same ole”!  Just another dirty cop, good cop, indifferent cop, drug dealer, gang, shoot ’em up movie.  It was exciting at times, boring at times, and had an odd ending……all the main characters had their own story lines (except Cheadle and Snipes, who shared a story line), but they didn’t cross paths until the end when they all came together in an odd coincidental circumstance.  The ending was definitely the best part, but still a little de ja vu……

So — I did like it, I just would have been just as happy to wait and see it on NetFlix!  I rate it a B- …….good, but a little too ordinary.

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