Megan, Megan, Megan….

I often get comments about how Megan must be my “favorite” because I am always talking about her more than the other two.  That’s not true — well, it is true that I do tend to talk about her more, but it isn’t true that she is favored over the other two!  It’s sorta like when you have more than one child – you don’t love one more than the others and you don’t put one above the others….but, you do tend to consider them the focus in certain situations because they usually have different interests, different personalities, and different things they are good at! 

My girls are like that — each tug at my heart in different ways for different reasons. 

Katie – the beautiful one and the social butterfly!  She is the one that always comes to mind first when a trip potential comes up or a visit with a friend with dogs or an event where other dogs will be there.  She loves all other dogs and they all love her!  She is best in those situations and is happy and comfortable in them.  She is gentle, settled, and very loving.  I was talked into rescuing her because Puddles was in the last years of her life and friends were worried that her death would put me over the deep end and having another dog already established might help.  Quite the contrary — she ended up being more of a benefit to Puddles than for me.  She and Puddles were quickly best friends and adored each other.  I was amazed at the new life Katie brought to Puddles’ life!  They were inseparable!  When it came time for Puddles to leave us, though, my friends were right — she didn’t keep me from going off the deep end, but it was a comfort having her here!  We actually mourned together – she was just as lost without her as I was!  And I will always adore her and consider her special for that! 

Amy – the shy, quiet one!  If I want to just cuddle and hold onto one of the girls tight, it is Amy that fits the bill.  She loves to be held close – in fact, she can’t get close enough!  She leans into any hug or when I put my arm around her and scootches in like she’s trying to get inside you!  The other two like to be hugged and snuggled, but not for long — Amy will stay all wrapped up with me for hours, if I would just stay and not move – I’m always the first to break the hold!  Her and Katie are best buddies and are always either curled up or playing together.  When she was found with Megan as wild puppies, she was the one who took to human touch and affection the quickest.  She is gentle and sweet. 

Megan – the precocious one!   I can understand why people think I only talk about her — she gives me the most to talk about!!!  She has the biggest personality and is the most curious and adventurous!  She is into EVERYTHING – cunning, sneaky, and very imaginative!  Everything she sees ends up in her mouth!  She has eaten me out of house and home – literally – up until about a year ago, I was replacing furniture, rugs, pillows, sheets, blankets, comforters, cushions, etc…..over and over again!  I was beginning to think I would never have anything nice in my house again!  She has outgrown eating furniture and accessories, but still gets into things she shouldn’t and is amazingly good at finding and getting at stuff in the darndest places.  All this results in her being terribly accident prone – she is always getting into stuff that gets her hurt!  Luckily, most of the time it doesn’t involve the need for vet care – but, unluckily, often it DOES!  I worry a lot about her eating something that is going to cause a major problem – hurt her really bad and cost me a lot of money to fix her up!!!  She is very protective of me and devoted – not that the other’s aren’t, but it is so much more so with her!  I have to be more careful of her in social situations — she loves people, but other dogs that come near me put her on alert and I need to be on alert to control the situation.  She does really well at Rae-Zor with other dogs – plays and gets along just fine, but I’m not there for her to need to protect me.  She also gets really scared and clingy when out of her comfort zone.  She was the one that needed more attention to get her to trust me and people in general — once she realized people were good, she was fine and loves all people, but it took a lot of work!  I’m sure that’s why she is more protective and devoted than the others — she was more dependant on me when she first came here and I worked more with her.

Case in point about her getting into things — I keep thinking I have “Megan proofed” the house, but she continues to surprise me!  She has eaten some of the strangest things!  A few days ago, I noticed she was acting a little strange with her mouth – rubbing the side of her face with her paw, licking the roof of her mouth, and no “lick” type kisses, like usual (she just butted her nose and closed mouth against my cheek in quasi kisses).  She was eating, drinking, doing her duty, and acting normally, otherwise.  I tried to see if there was something wrong with her mouth, but all looked fine from the outside and the inside was fine from what I could see – she wouldn’t let me do a thorough look!  I didn’t push it because her behavior was a little different, but not alarming!  Then — Friday night, I found a chewed up AA battery when I was vacuuming and the light came on in my head!  I panicked and left a message at All Animals, hoping someone would return my call and tell me what to do!  I tried to think exactly when I first noticed her different behavior and realized it was probably 2-3 days before I discovered what was wrong!  I forced her mouth open and saw that the side of her tongue and the inside of her cheek was all red and swollen!  I was sick to my stomach that I didn’t know something was so wrong!  I went to bed and dreamed that I got a return call from Dr. Cindy in the middle of the night to bring her in for emergency surgery – they had to remove half of her tongue and a big piece of her cheek to get rid of the burned, dead tissue!  I woke up in tears and all shaky — I grabbed her up out of a sound sleep and hugged and rocked her with tears pouring down my face!  She wasn’t sure what in the world was going on, but was too sleepy to fight me!  😉  Dr. Cindy called the next morning and said she just needed some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds and she should be fine — after a day and a half on the meds, she does seem much better – she’s acting more normally and the redness is not as pronounced!  But — all I keep thinking about is, what if she had done like she usually does?  What if she broke that battery open and actually ate it????  How much damage would the corrosive interior of the battery have done to her throat, stomach, intestines?  I still haven’t figured out where she got the battery — no remnants of a box was found and no signs that she got it from the trash.  She is fine – this time – again!

But, yeah — she does hold a special place in my heart — she needs and gets more attention in ways that the others don’t.  They all get their fair share of attention and love and all have their own special place in my heart — but Megan just stands out more!  And, she has more funny and tragic stories to be told!

Megan — sometimes the Muffin Head — sometimes the Monster Girl — but always “something” to talk about!!!

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