Sunday Morning Dreaming

dragon fly dreamI woke up really early this morning, so after I took care of the girls and did some puttering around the house and on the internet, I curled up to watch Sunday Morning…..and fell back to sleep!!  I had TWO crazy dreams during my Sunday Morning Snooze:

DREAM # 1:

I was sitting at the kitchen table sorting through paint swatches and looking at the big sample patches I painted on the walls.  Suddenly, someone I didn’t recognize stopped in to visit me.  I was upset because I didn’t know they were coming and I have sample paint cans all over the kitchen table and the wall looks like a  bad patchwork quilt created by a mad scientist!!  I tried to get the girls outside, but they wouldn’t go.  When my company came in, I tried to guide them right out the back door for our visit.  They did go out with the girls to calm them down, but came right back in.  As we were walking through the living room to the kitchen, they commented on the bad smell in the house and threw up on the floor!!!  I went on to get something to clean it up and I noticed some muddy water on the floor.  I couldn’t clean up EITHER mess because I only had one paper towel.  I looked for another roll and finally found it way over in the back of the cabinet.  I made some snide comments about the last time they were there visiting, they put my groceries away and didn’t put anything where it belongs and I’m constantly trying to find stuff when I need it!!!  I went back to the muddy water to clean it up (guess I forgot all about the other mess) and found that there was a LOT of water there and more was bubbling up out of a crack in the floor.  As we looked closer, there was also a foul smelling steam coming up out of the crack and the carpet was saturated (BTW – I don’t have carpet in my living room – it is a wood floor)!  I went into a tizzy fit over the yucky water bubbling up from somewhere and we tried to find out where it was coming from.  We found a trap door in the floor and lifted it up and found a RIVER (not an exaggeration – a real river) under the house – it was really muddy, yucky water that was bubbling up, flowing really fast, steaming, and had a horrible smell!!  There were FOUR guys working in the river – one was on a little raft with some tools and the other three were clinging to the walls just above the water shining lights and handing him more tools.  They said they had arrived about an hour ago in response to an alarm indicating a leak under my house.  They said they needed to install a “something or other” to fix the problem and scolded me for not already having one!  Then, there was a crowd standing around the hole looking the situation over.  A man and woman I didn’t recognize stepped out of the crowd and said “We told you to get one of those!  If you had just listened to us, you wouldn’t have all this trouble now!!!”  The workers in the river told me to not worry – they would take care of it all and that the water in my living room would recede and dry up as soon as it was all fixed!  I put the trap door back and everyone left and all was fine!

DREAM # 2:

I dreamed I was out driving around and kept getting myself in the middle of folks taking pictures.  The first time, I was parked down town in the parking lot of what used to be that pottery place on the corner of Horner and Carthage streets.  I was watching TV through the windows of the building when I saw a cop coming and decided to move on before he gave me a ticket (not sure why I thought I’d get a ticket).  In my haste to get out of there and beat the traffic out onto Horner, I almost ran the red light.  There were several cars all strategically placed around the intersection and I was getting irritated that they weren’t moving and the red light kept doing weird things – come to find out, it was a photo shoot for the city to showcase the heavy traffic problems and I ended up in the middle of it!  Then, I headed out of town and got lost.  I kept driving and driving and making turns that I thought would get me back in the right direction, but couldn’t figure out where I was.  I came up on a small town and wondered what all the people were doing lining the streets and cheering as I went by – come to find out, I ended up in the middle of a parade going through their town and discovered that I was being filmed on live TV being broadcast all across the state!  Just after I got through the parade, I came up on a lift bridge like the ones in my home town that go over the canal.  The bridge was up for repair, so I got out of my car and walked up the steps and across the raised bridge to the other side.  While I was at the top of the bridge, I noticed a family trying to take a group photo.  Just as I walked past them, they snapped the picture and made me a permanent part of their family!  I offered to take another one for them that included the one taking the photos, but they said that the picture was good and included everyone that it was meant to include!  My car was waiting for me on the other side of the bridge (no idea how it got there – the bridge never lowered)!  I kept driving and noticed a Lowes store.  Since the reason I went out in the first place was to go to Lowes for more paint samples, I stopped in.  The Lowes didn’t look anything like any Lowes I’ve ever been in before!  As I wandered around looking for the paint section, I came up on a small group of people in what looked like a warehouse.  They were arguing and yelling at each other – apparently, they were politicians that were accusing each other of stealing votes and getting elected illegally.  I approached one to ask what town I was in and where the paint section was and just as I did, he pulled me close, shook my hand, and turned to smile as a newspaper photographer snapped our photo!  As I left, one of the others ran after me with a different newspaper photographer to do the same thing – he was yelling that if I was willing to do a phony photo shoot for “Joe”, I should be willing to do one for him, too!

I woke up when the girls started whining to go out!  I think I’ll do all I can to keep from dozing off again today — I think it is one of those strange dream days and it is best to avoid any opportunity to come up with another one!!!!

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