Picture it….

The cutest / funniest thing happened with Katie and Megan this morning….(Amy was cute, too, but wasn’t involved in this particular story)!  Read on to see what I’m talking about…

Picture it:

Megan and I were playing catch with her favorite ball – I’d throw it, she’d scramble to get it, she’d squeak it all the way back to give it to me to throw again……and so on!  We were playing in the hallway and Katie was laying on the floor in the foyer watching us – she was sitting/laying with her legs stretched out in front of her like a lion!   One time I rolled the ball to Megan and she missed it as she scrambled to get it……it rolled down the hall and she was in hot pursuit…..before she could stop it, it rolled right in between Katie’s outstretched legs and stopped at her chest!!!  Katie didn’t move, she just laid there with the ball!!!  Megan stopped dead in her tracks and just looked at HER ball laying tight up against Katie’s chest — she looked back at me like “look what you did”!!!  She eased up close to Katie and just stared at the ball……she was definitely sizing up the situation…..I just stood and watched!  All this time, Amy was on the couch — she moved and Katie looked over to see what she was doing…….right then, Megan very slowly and carefully reached her head in to try to grab the ball while Katie wasn’t looking, but Katie looked back right as Megan’s teeth touched the ball….Megan pulled back and went back into staring mode!!!  Mind you, Katie was NOT being protective over the ball or even seemed to care that it was there or that Megan wanted it — Megan probably could have taken it at any time and Katie wouldn’t have given her the least bit of grief over it!!!  But, Megan wasn’t convinced — FINALLY, something in the back yard caught Katie’s eye and she got up and went to the back door to get a better look —- Megan pounced on the ball and pranced off squeaking it loudly with all the pride of someone who just performed a cunning feat of great skill……..she was happy!!!  And Katie was totally all “well woopty do for you”…….

Guess you probably had to have been there to get the most enjoyment out of the whole situation — but I thought it was hysterical!!!!

One Comment on “Picture it….

  1. Haha.. isn’t it so fun having more than 1 dog?!

    Although 2 is quite enough for me right now.

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