Category: Dreams

Horrible Dream….

I had an absolutely horrible dream this morning — I dreamed that I was driving in a bad part of town – I didn’t recognize anything around me and thought I might be lost — I came to a stop at an intersection —… Continue Reading “Horrible Dream….”

Sanford Rocked Today!!!

The very first down town Fourth of July celebration was a huge success today! At least what I saw of it was. I was very happy to see a nice sized crowd and it looked like it was fairly steady, too. Kudos to all… Continue Reading “Sanford Rocked Today!!!”

Saturday – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

I typically really enjoy Saturdays, but I’d like to have completely skipped over the majority of today and just forgot about it!!! Here are my ramblings to tell you how it was a mish mash of good and bad – don’t think there was… Continue Reading “Saturday – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!”

Just Dreaming….

I had a dream this morning that I wanted to jot down….. I dreamed I took in a room mate. She was a lady in her 40s that needed a place to stay until she could come up with a down payment on a… Continue Reading “Just Dreaming….”

My Dream

I had a wild dream this morning and wanted to be sure to get it down so I could remember it…… I dreamed that the girls were outside barking and going crazy and I went out to see what was driving them nuts. I… Continue Reading “My Dream”

Nap Time Dream

I took a little nap early this afternoon with the girls and had a bazaar dream……….it didn’t make much sense at all: I dreamed that I had to go visit my neighbors across the street to congratulate them on their recent wedding. So, I… Continue Reading “Nap Time Dream”

I had a dream…..

I have some pretty strange dreams from time to time and I’m usually able to remember them vividly!!! I sometimes wonder what was in the back of my mind that would trigger them or why some of the topics are even remotely something that… Continue Reading “I had a dream…..”