Horrible Dream….

I had an absolutely horrible dream this morning — I dreamed that I was driving in a bad part of town – I didn’t recognize anything around me and thought I might be lost — I came to a stop at an intersection — my window was down and a young punk came up to the car and stuck a knife in the window at me — I just sat there in shock and he put the point against my rib cage, right at the bottom of the last rib — I just sat there and couldn’t move my arms to try to stop him — I just said “please don’t do that – you can have whatever you want – take the car, my money, anything – it is your’s – just please don’t hurt me” — he just smiled at me and didn’t say anything as he slowly pushed the knife into me — I watched as the blade went deeper and deeper and thought it was odd that there was no pain — I thought “this is OK – if it doesn’t hurt, must be it isn’t doing any damage” — he took a long time to push the entire long blade in and I just sat there watching him and he was looking me right in the eye and smiling at me the whole time — when he was in all the way to the handle, he pulled it back out slowly, but not as slow as he pushed it in — it still didn’t hurt at all, but as soon as the blade was all the way out, the blood started to seep out and puddle up all over my clothes — he laughed at me as I started to look scared and worried about all the blood — then, I woke up all tense and feeling really strange!!!! It was pretty scary!!!

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