$3.69 – Think I’ll Take A Sunday Drive

After yesterday’s stressful and disappointing day in Cary, I decided to do as much relaxing right here in Sanford as I possibly could!

My Grandparents always used to go on Sunday drives – they would take us with them when they could and we would drive all over the country side just to see what we could find. They would point out things to us that had significant interest to them. Many trips included stopping in at a local chicken farm to get fresh eggs and we’d often stop for ice cream or something along the way.

Then, when I got married and moved down here, we would take almost every weekend to just drive around to find out where things were and how to get around. We would drive in a different direction and go a little further every time we took a drive.

So, Sunday drives are something that I find very enjoyable and relaxing. BUT — with the gas prices as high as they have been for the past few years, I have not done a lot of that! Yeah, I drive around some for no particular reason, but not far or for very long! I usually incorporate a little drive with something that I need to accomplish – thus, making it more justified to use the gas!

Today, I met some friends at the new Down Home Country Buffet place for lunch and planned to gas up while I was out. When I passed the gas stations at the 421/Rt 1 intersection on the way to the restaurant, I noticed the gas price had dropped to $3.69!!! Woo Hoo!!! After lunch, I filled up the gas tank — I was able to fill an almost empty tank for $46.00 — I haven’t paid less than $50.00 for a fill up in a long time and most ran closer to or right at $60.00!!! Of course, $3.69 is still WAY too high, but it sure felt good!!!

I went to Belk and picked up a couple new tops and then headed home, but suddenly felt the urge to go for a Sunday drive! I drove through town and around Depot Park – there were a few kids playing on the train while their parents watched. I drove all around town just enjoying the quietness and then drove out through Deep River and down Colon Road and just around with no particular goal or destination. I noticed the Deep River Restaurant is all closed up and empty! That is a shame – it used to be a popular place to go for lunch with the work crowd, but I haven’t been in years. I actually thought about it a couple of weeks ago – glad I didn’t drive out there to find I wasted my lunch time! I wonder what happened? I also drove through the new subdivision on Amos Bridges Road – Arbor Glen (I think that is the name) – there aren’t many homes finished out there, yet, but there are a few started and they look really nice! I also drove through West Lake Valley and a couple other neighborhoods in that area.

I was out on my drive for just shy of two hours and it was very nice! It was a lovely day! My only regret was that I realized I never thought about putting the top down to enhance my enjoyment until I got home! When I thought about it, I came very close to pulling back out of the garage, putting the top down and finding another direction to go in and more things to go see on yet another Sunday drive!

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