The Rant, Birthday Girls, and More

Just some thoughts for this lovely Wednesday morning…..

I actually got to listen to The Rant live this morning! First time since they have been on the air. I listen to the podcast every week because I am usually at work when it airs, but today I took 1/2 of a vacation day to take care of some business and was able to listen to the show live while I was getting myself up and ready to head out. If you don’t know what The Rant is, it is a live talk show on the local CCCC radio station 90.5 which airs every Weds morning at 8:00-9:00 – they even accept call in questions/comments during the show. The show is hosted by Billy Liggett, Editor of the Sanford Herald and co-hosted by his partners in crime, Jonathan Owens and Gordon Anderson, reporters for the Sanford Herald. The show really is well worth your time to tune in – or to listen to the podcast, if you are not able to listen in live (click here for The Rant blog site to access the podcast). They have had some really interesting guests, but I was particularly pleased that today’s show was the first I could listen to live. The guests were the outgoing and incoming Presidents of CCCC. The discussion topic was extremely interesting and near and dear to my heart — education!!! So – if you haven’t become a “Rant Fan”, please give it a shot — today’s podcast will be posted later this evening sometime and you can also access past week’s shows so you have no excuse for not catching up!

I have added two new links to local Sanford web sites to my list of web links (see the list to the left). I read the article in Sunday’s Herald about Bella Bistro and saw that they now have a web site. (BTW – the duck dish they mention in the article is absolutely to die for!!! I had it one night on a business dinner a few weeks ago and fell head over heels in love with it!) I also recently found the web site for The Flame Steakhouse. Both these restaurants are fabulous and both have been major supporters of Communities In Schools (as well as other local non-profit and civic organizations) in one way or another over the years — if you’ve never checked them out, please do so — you can view both their menus on their web sites at the links to the left.

The girls have a new neighbor friend! The family that lives next to me has a new beagle puppy — he is so adorable!!! The first thing the girls do when they get outside is rush to the fence that separates out back yards to see if their new friend is outside. They wiggle, dance, and run the fence line together — it is so cute!!! The beagle pup hasn’t developed that wonderful beagle bark, yet, but he still sounds really cool when he barks at the girls to get their attention!

Speaking of the girls — Megan and Amy turned TWO this week!!! I am so shocked to realize that they have been with me for almost two years now — I took them in when they were about 8 weeks old or so! They have been a handful and have cost me a fortune in replacement/repair costs for furniture, pillows, dog beds, lawn furniture cushions, mini blinds, comforters and blankets, and on and on and on………..but, they have been such a joy that it makes it all worth it (or at least makes us even)!!! OK — so now I’m waiting for that magical day when they suddenly become adult dogs and stop chewing and acting like wild puppies!!! It happened that way for both Puddles and Katie — they just suddenly matured about the time they turned two and life was so much easier from that point on — will I be that lucky with Megan and Amy?????? And, if I am that lucky, when will that day get here??? When can I stop having to go through the house before I leave for work putting things up and securing all the chew targets????? Ha-ha-ha I’m just happy to have them in my life — all three of them!!! They are very special little girls and I love them dearly! Happy Birthday, Megan and Amy!!!

I think I’ve officially lost interest in All My Children……I have taped this soap every day and watched it after work every day for many years!!! Lately, though, I don’t seem to have the interest in it anymore. For a while now, I have let several days go by before I sit down to catch up on the taped episodes and skim through them more than I ever have before. Typically, all I skim through is the commercials, but lately I skim through whole scenes that don’t particularly interest me anymore! And just recently, I have been forgetting to reset the timer and haven’t been taping it for days at a time and when I think about catching it on SoapNet in the evening, I find myself not really paying any attention! I think the story lines have become so boring and “same ole, same ole” that I have just lost interest all together! I think it is a good time to cut loose and consider myself a recovering soap addict!!!

Well – that’s all I have for now — I need to get on with the reason I took the 1/2 vacation day and not waste it!

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