Summer Hours Almost Gone…

Surely the title of this post must be a mistake — summer is not almost over, is it? Yeah, it is…..and here are my reasons for believing so:
  • At work, we can choose to participate in “Summer Hours” – the option to work 3/4 of an hour extra each day and only 5 hours on Friday! Many come in an hour early on Friday so that the 5 hours ends at noon and having the whole afternoon off. The “Summer Hours” season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. So – the last week is next week!
  • Labor Day is typically the “end of summer” – not because the official summer season is over, but it is the last long weekend of the beach season, school is fully ramped up just about everywhere (some a little earlier – like here), and most summer vacations are now a memory in the photo albums!
  • The official end of summer is just around the corner – September 22nd is the first day of Autumn!

So, you see, Summer Hours are almost gone – in more ways than one!

Back to MY Summer Hours — how did I spend my “next to the last day” of summer hours?

  • Mostly working on the CIS Gala preparations!!! I sent out some emails to potential sponsors and made a few calls. I worked on tweaking the Gala Flier that we’ll start posting around town. I popped in to the CIS office to see our new Executive Director. Then, I went to Southern Jewelers to talk to Lora Wright – she’s sponsoring a special jewelry raffle that will make for a lot of happy winners! That was it for Gala work!! Lots more to do, but that was all I could do yesterday. I have to run to Sam’s today or tomorrow to pick up plates and cutlery to match what we have left over from last year. It is getting down to crunch time with preparations — October 10th is just two months and a week or so away!
  • While I was home sending the emails and making the phone calls, the girls got to run around the yard and play and enjoy the lovely afternoon, too! They totally wore themselves out and I had fun watching them!
  • I spent what was left of the afternoon on making me happy — I popped in to The Shops At Steele Street to see what Amy had still available to feed a chocolate craving I was having! Much to my surprise, she did have one box of Carolina Cake Truffles left – but it was an 8 pack! I stood there for several minutes staring at it! Should I get an 8 pack? I certainly don’t need an 8 pack! I could always freeze part of the pack and ensure that I would have some the next time I get a chocolate craving! But, I know me – I won’t freeze them – I’ll eat them! So, I finally talked myself into some chocolate covered pretzels, instead! I love those, too — a perfect mix of sweet and salt! I also bought a chocolate covered Nutter Butter cookie, a jar of Apple Butter and a jar of Cherry Preserves! I can’t wait to try those – I didn’t realize Amy started offering the jams and jellies!
  • I realized I didn’t eat any breakfast OR lunch and it was just about 3:30, so I decided I had better eat some real food before I lit into the chocolate! But where did I want to eat? It was too late for restaurants that close after the lunch time and too early for the ones that open for the dinner time! I wasn’t hungry until I realized I didn’t eat anything all day – then I was suddenly starving! So, I didn’t want to wait until 5:00 to eat dinner somewhere! So, I went to the Dairy Bar and had a delicious lunch/supper meal!
  • I was driving back home when I decided to give in and have my tires checked! For a couple weeks now, I have been feeling every little bump in the road and rough areas really toss me (and the car) around — I was sure the tires were low, but keep putting off having them checked! So, I called my very best friends, Ronald and Lisa, and asked if I could come out and have Ron check my tires (he does all my oil changes, tire rotations, etc.). He said “come on out” – so I did!! As it turns out, the tires were ALL about 10 pounds low!!! ooppss!! He filled them up for me, checked my oil and other fluid levels!
  • Then the three of us sat outside and chatted for a couple hours!!! It was a lovely, breezy evening and just sat back and enjoyed it and talked and talked and talked!!!
  • On the way home, it was obvious that the tire pressure WAS what was causing all my discomfort — the ride now is smooth and comfortable, again!!! And – I will probably get better gas mileage, now, too!
  • I got home and had a couple of Amy’s pretzels and saved the cookie and other pretzels for the weekend. I watched Monk on TV (I love Monk!!!!) and then dozed off before the opening credits for Psych got done rolling!

It was a great day!!!!

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