Dream Visitor

I had a visitor in my dreams last night – one that I was so happy to see and was extremely sad and upset when I was jolted awake and it all ended!  I believe that those we have loved and lost “visit” us in our dreams when we need them most.  When we are dreaming, we are most open to their spirits and they can interact with us in ways they can no longer do during our waking hours.

Last night, my Poppie visited me.  Charlie Culmo was my hero and the only true father I ever knew!  He was my “Dad”.  He passed away on this date – March 20th – in 1999.  Click here to read a memorial post I wrote two years ago with some of my most cherished memories of him.

Our visit was perfect timing – he must have known that it would dawn on me this morning that it is the 11th anniversary of his death and that I would be so sad and in desperate need of a hug from him! 

In my dream, I woke up and went into the living room, where I found him standing in my kitchen.  I smiled and walked towards him saying how glad I was to see him.  He stretched his arms out and I ran into them.  He hugged me tight and I cried on his shoulder.  Then, the music started playing and we danced – like we did so many, many times when he was alive!  The first song was “our song” – Barbara Fairchild’s “Teddy Bear Song”.  Then, Elvis’ “If I Could Dream” and “You Gave Me A Mountain” played.  We danced non-stop as the songs played and we never let go – even between song changes!  When the music stopped, he pulled back and we talked for a few minutes about my house and how much he liked what I have done with it.  Then some guy burst through the garage door and started to grab me.  In true “hero” form, Charlie grabbed the guy, punched him in the face, threw him out the door, and slammed it shut!  I stood there stunned and he hugged me, again, and kissed me on the forehead.  He told me that he will always be watching and keeping me safe.  And the music started back up and we danced some more!

And then, the girls wanted to go out and started their ritual of breathing in my face and wiggling beside me to shake the bed…….and I woke up…….and Charlie was gone……and I started to cry!!!!

But, for what seemed like the entire night, I had him in my kitchen and we danced and hugged and it was so comforting!!!  And if I hold my breath and close my eyes, I can still feel his warm hugs and sway to the music in my head!  It was a good visit — I hope he visits again soon……

Photos of my Poppie:

Poppie walking me down the aisle at my wedding – June 21, 1985

Poppie and me “cutting up” at my wedding rehearsal

Poppy checking out one of my first motorcycles in our backyard

Poppie dancing with me at the GE Clambake in 1974

Poppie dancing with me at another GE event in the early 80s

Poppie with the Teddy Bear cake I made him for his birthday one year

Poppie and Mom at my wedding reception – the perfect couple!!!

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