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May Daily Photos – Part Two

Man, oh Man……May sure FLEW by! Yeah, I know – I still owe you posts from my Transatlantic Cruise……I’ll get them up – I promise…..I’m just not promising WHEN I’ll get them up!!! Life sure has a way of getting crazy on us! Between… Continue Reading “May Daily Photos – Part Two”

March Fave Daily Photos – Second Half

March is done……and, it definitely went out like a lion!!! What was supposed to be a quick cold spell and a bit of snow turned into a VERY snowy afternoon and evening, today! But, we will be back in the 50’s on Tuesday and… Continue Reading “March Fave Daily Photos – Second Half”

Seven Day B&W Photo Challenge

I just finished a Seven Day B&W Photo Challenge – the rules were the photos had to be B&W Photos of Life – No People – No Explanation! And I had to challenge one person every day to accept the challenge – some did,… Continue Reading “Seven Day B&W Photo Challenge”

Fave Daily Photos – Catch Up….yet, again!

Bad Blogger…..Bad!!! I know I keep saying that it has been a crazy busy summer and I need to make time to post…..I sound like a broken record, for sure! But, it has been crazy! I wanted to get caught up on some of… Continue Reading “Fave Daily Photos – Catch Up….yet, again!”

Witnessing History

On Friday, my friend, Cathy, and I made a day trip to Old Fort Niagara – located in Youngstown, NY on the bank of the Niagara River where it meets Lake Ontario. The fort was originally built by the French in 1726 to protect… Continue Reading “Witnessing History”

Fun at the Lake…..

What do you do when you have out of state guests visiting and the weather is amazing? You take them to Lake Ontario……multiple times!!! We went to Point Breeze to have dinner at the Black North Inn on Friday and watched some swans coming… Continue Reading “Fun at the Lake…..”

2017 Year In Review

2017 turned out to be a pretty awesome year…..2018 has a lot to live up to – but, I am confident that it will prove to be up for the challenge! Here are the highlights of all that happened and some of my favorite… Continue Reading “2017 Year In Review”

Photos of the Day – October 3rd and 4th

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 3-4, 2017: OCTOBER 3 # 276 Photo Prompt – I Bought This: “New Stuff” #iboughtthis They’re both PURPLE…….One has my name on it!!! # 276 Caught By My Lens: One of many photos taken on… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – October 3rd and 4th”

Lake Ontario and Oak Orchard River at Sunset – 08-12-17

It has been a while since I’ve popped over to Point Breeze to see the sun setting on the lake….yeah, its been a busy summer, but that is no excuse to not do something I love so much! Well, since my Photo of the… Continue Reading “Lake Ontario and Oak Orchard River at Sunset – 08-12-17”

Photos of the Day – August 12th

Here are my Photos of the Day for August 8, 2017: # 224 Photo Prompt – Starts with L: “Lake Ontario in a Boat” #startswithL # 224 Caught By My Lens: “Beginning of Dusk” Lake Ontario at Point Breeze, NY OOTD: Today, I rocked… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – August 12th”