February Daily Photos – Two

February continues to mosey on….we’re in for a bit of a warm up and melting over the next couple of days and then a little more snow…..but, spring it getting closer and closer! With so much snow on the ground, the birds have been very active at my feeders. Hoping that the worst that winter has to offer this year is behind us…..but, I do realize it is only mid-February and it is upstate NY!!! Whatever is still in store for us, I can dream of warm, sunny days and grand adventure…..maybe the real ones won’t be too far off!

In the mean time, I’ll keep the Daily Photos coming…..here is the next set from February’s list – the alphabet:


I is for ICY RIVER

J is for JESTER

K is for KIM’s KINDLE

L is for LIGHT in the LIGHT SNOW

M is for MUSIC

N is for NAVEL

That’s all for now…….

6 Comments on “February Daily Photos – Two

  1. Hi Kim, I always enjoy your posts – especially your travel journals. I’m looking into traveling on the west coast and remember a post you shared about sailing up, or was it down, the west coast. It looked very interesting; wondering if you would be willing to share the contact information for the trip. Thanks so much for any help you can share. Warm regards, S.

    ?SHARRON BROOKS PENASACK 603 566-6667?? ________________________________

    • So happy to hear from you and that you enjoy my posts! As I mentioned on the phone – check out http://www.orleanshub.com this coming Saturday after 3:00 and an article specific to my West Coast trip will be posted there. Also – you may send me your email address and I’ll send you more detailed info – those articles only have just so much space. At the bottom of the article are links to the blog posts that I wrote right after the trip, so you can get more info that way, too! Hope you get to go see some of the things I enjoyed while out there! 🙂 Kim

  2. Hi Kim,
    thanks so much for your call last night. It was a pleasant surprise. I was planning to do a river cruise with a friend in May in Portugal, but prices have made us rethink that plan. So we thought we might do something closer to home. Hence, I thought of you.

    Have you been to Vancouver/Victoria? Or done any train travel?

    I’m going to sign up to Orleans Hub to keep up with your travel news and what is going on “back home”. Good suggestion.

    My email: sharron@penasack.us

    I hope spring comes soon to both WNY & NH! Warm regards,

    603 566-6667​​

  3. Yummy scrambled egg and bacon breakfast, what is that other item there?
    I is for ICY RIVER: It appears the young birds are standing on one leg to alternate and keep one warm at a time…am I correct about that?

    • Good morning, Peter! Just scrambled egg and bacon – nothing else there, but it was “breakfast for dinner” that day! As for the birds, I bet you’re right! KIK

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