February Daily Photos – Three

Well, here we are, again……thanks to warmer temps in the 40s and into the 50s and high winds, most of the snow in my yard is gone. Yes, it is replaced by lots of standing water from the big melt, but the snow is gone. The bad news is that we’re expecting more tonight and tomorrow! Let’s hope the predictions of 3-6 inches are far more accurate than the predictions of 6-12 inches. But….what comes will come and whatever happens, we won’t have any control over it, and it will go away eventually like the last dumping did.

So, here is the next set of February Daily Photos:

O is for Olive Oil and Rice Vinegar on my Dinner Salad

P is for Pink

Q is for Queen

R is for Red

S is for Still Snowing

T is for Tall Tree

U is for Uncooked

And…..believe it or not…..the last of the February Daily Photos will be in the next post! See ya then!

2 Comments on “February Daily Photos – Three

  1. I Love your dinner salad, everything that is needed. You are the Queen of photography for sure….and what a beautiful smile!!!

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