February Daily Photos – Four

That’s it…..say goodbye to February….and, hopefully, to the worst of what Mother Nature had in store for us this winter! Spring is just a short twenty days away….let’s hope Mother Nature has a calendar and knows how to read it! hahaha

So, here is the last set of Daily Photos for February….and the end of the alphabet:

V is for VALENTINE’S CANDY (leftover)

W is for WATER
in my yard after the big melt
Subtitle for Photo: “Island in the Stream”

(yeah, I know – it’s a stretch – X is a tough one – but, the word absolutely fits the photo)

Y is for YELLOW
and YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME – more snow???

Z is for ZIPPER


I have a few favorite words – some that have deep meaning for me and some that tend to be ones I use a lot. I chose this one because I’ve been giving the meaning of this word a lot of thought lately AND this wall art depiction of the word in a cross formation is a new addition to my Family Tree wall.

So…..tomorrow we begin March…..and, here is the March Daily Photo List:

And…..as in years past, I will also give the Lent Daily Photo Challenge a try…..we’ll see! 🙂

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