June Daily Photos – Week Three

Today is the first day of Summer…..the Summer Solstice……Longest day of the year……and a wake up call that the first half of the year is almost gone already!!! UGH!!!

Here is the next set of June’s Daily Photos for the “Month of Gratitude” theme:

Day Fifteen

Grateful for my air conditioning units

Day Sixteen

Grateful (and more than a little proud) that I can still wear the same size earrings I wore in high school!!!

Day Seventeen

Grateful for the joy the color pink brings to my yard!

Day Eighteen

 Grateful something finally made me realize the reason my car wouldn’t start was because I kept pushing the butt warmer button instead of the start button

Day Nineteen

Grateful for quiet time alone in our beautiful sanctuary before others arrive

Day Twenty

Grateful for Root Beer Floats

Day Twenty One

Grateful for this gorgeous first day of summer and for living so close to one of the amazing Great Lakes – Lake Ontario……May I never take it for granted!!!

2 Comments on “June Daily Photos – Week Three

  1. It’s a lovely post! Emphasizes every little thing in Life makes a difference. I remember how every bloom 🌹 in my backyard garden made me feel so happy. ☺️

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