June Daily Photos – Week Four

And just like that…..half the year is gone in a flash!!! And so is the June Daily Photo theme – “Month of Gratitude”. Here is the last group for this month.

Day Twenty-Two

Grateful for the years I’ve had with my sweet Megan!

Day Twenty-Three

Grateful for the beauty, elegance, and grace of nature.

Day Twenty-Four

Grateful for my awesome bed inviting me to a good night’s sleep after a long day……

Day Twenty-Five

Grateful for arborvitae, spirea, and willows along my west side border.

Day Twenty-Six

Grateful for edible pod peas fresh picked from Kirby’s!

One of my top favorite summer produce items – I eat them raw like candy!!!

Day Twenty-Seven

Grateful for an afternoon at the movies with a dear friend…..we saw Elvis!!!

Day Twenty-Eight

Grateful for the right to vote and the ability to exercise that right!!!

Day Twenty-Nine

This morning I was grateful for tomato juice and a cup of tea!!!

Day Thirty

Grateful for local artists that add beauty to our lovely village!!!

And…..a photo I took a couple days ago that wasn’t part of the Daily Photo Challenge, but I really liked…..it’s not an award winning photo – taken through my windshield…..but the subject matter is so sweet!!!

Traffic on busy Rt 31 at a standstill in both directions at rush hour so the Walmart geese can cross the road!

For those inquiring minds who like to know……here is July’s Daily Photo Challenge Topic List:

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