May 3rd Sunday Drive

Sunday, May 3rd was our best Spring day, so far…….warm – it got up into the 70s, sunny, beautiful day!!! I should have mowed my lawn…..but, first off, I don’t like mowing on a Sunday – my Grandfather taught me that Sunday is a day of quiet and that lawn mowers are an unnecessary distraction – of course, some situations dictate the need to mow on a Sunday (weather, work schedules, etc), but I do try to avoid mowing on a Sunday, if I can……..second, I couldn’t let a day like we had on Sunday go without giving it the respect and adoration it deserved…….third, the weather reports show we may not have another day as perfect for a while!!! So, of course, I took a Sunday Drive.

I wasn’t the only one out enjoying our brief glimpse of spring perfection. As I drove around town and then out of town, I saw lots of people out walking – with and without dogs, driving with convertible tops down, driving bicycles and motorcycles, kayaking, boating, fishing, sitting in lawn chairs soaking up the sun…….I even saw a couple bikini clad young ladies sunning themselves on the bank of Lake Alice as I drove through Waterport!!!

My first thought was to go to Olcott Beach for my first visit of the season. But, I was getting a later start than I had hoped, so I decided to leave that for another day. While on the phone with a friend, we talked about all the flowering trees that are in bloom, so I decided to drive around looking at the beautiful spring trees and then head to Point Breeze to check out Lake Ontario and take a drive around part of Lake Alice on the way. So, here are some of the photos I took while out driving around on Sunday, May 3rd!

My Bradford Pear tree…..not yet quite in full bloom, but it’s getting there!

One of my weeping cherry trees

It was loaded with blossoms on Saturday, but already losing them by Sunday!




Another Sunday in the memory books……..I’m yearning for Sunday mornings at church and my weekly lunch after church with my friend and sharing my Sunday drives with her and maybe a little shopping…….but, for now, I’m enjoying just getting out of the house for a day here and there just driving around getting some photos and enjoying the day!!!

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