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Adventure in the Sky

So, one of my very best friends (who just happens to also be my ex-husband) was in town for a visit. He is a private pilot, so he flew his plane up from NC…..he actually flew from NC to the big annual airshow in… Continue Reading “Adventure in the Sky”

Visit to the Land Of Oz – June 2017

Each year on the first weekend in June, the Village of Chittenango, NY celebrates their connection to the stories of L. Frank Baum – author of the Wizard of Oz books. You see, Mr. Baum was born in the tiny village of Chittenango. Any… Continue Reading “Visit to the Land Of Oz – June 2017”

Photos of the Day – June 24th

Here are my Photos of the Day for June 24, 2017: # 175 Photo Prompt – Colour Splash: “No Wake” #coloursplash Oak Orchard River at Lake Ontario – Point Breeze, NY # 175 Caught By My Lens: “Home, Sweet, Home” AND MORE: It has… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – June 24th”

Photos of the Day – June 11th

Here are my Photos of the Day for June 11, 2017: # 162 Photo Prompt – Stunning: “Amazing View For Lunch” #stunning I went to lunch at Boone and Crockett’s at Point Breeze with a friend, today, for the first time this season. I… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – June 11th”

Photos of the Day – April 27th

It was a fabulous day……very warm (almost hit 90!!!) and sunny! I mowed my lawn and then treated myself to my first zweigles hot dog and mac salad lunch of the season…..then, I headed to Point Breeze to soak up some peaceful ambiance and… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – April 27th”

Photos of the Day – March 13th

Well, winter is rearing its ugly head in WNY this week! If the forecast holds, my snowblower just might see some action this season, after all! Let’s hope the weather reporters are just trying to have some fun with us and will give us… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – March 13th”

Photos of the Day – March 6th

Here are the Photos of the Day for March 6, 2017: # 65 Photo Prompt – In the Air: “Burning Brush” #intheair # 65 Caught By My Lens: “Dreaming of Warm Days at the Lake” While out driving around along the shoreline, I happened… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – March 6th”

Gorgeous February Day at Point Breeze – 02-20-17

The Spring-like weather we’ve been having the past few days…..and more showing up in the forecast……has me itching to spend time outdoors at some of my favorite spots around the area! Still a tad chilly to be at the lake, but the sky, sun,… Continue Reading “Gorgeous February Day at Point Breeze – 02-20-17”

Photos of the Day – February 19-20

Oh, Boy……I realized this morning that I didn’t post yesterday’s photos of the day! One of them did get posted to Instagram, but the other one didn’t…..and, neither got posted here! So…..I’ll just tack yesterday’s on with today’s and move on like it is… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – February 19-20”

Photos of the Day – February 6th

Here are the Photos of the Day for February 6, 2017: # 37 Photo Prompt – Corner: “Collectible Corner” # 37 Caught By My Lens: “Heart Sandwich” The chicken fillet sandwich at the Village House is usually just an oval piece of breaded chicken… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – February 6th”