April 12th Sunday Drive – Searching for Birds

Easter Sunday was different this year…..to say the least! No family dinner, no church gathering, no community egg hunts……but, I did go out for a Sunday Drive! I needed gas, so I decided to go to the Rez and then drive through the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge and stop at the various marsh overlooks to see if I could capture some nice bird photos! As it turned out, everything was pretty quiet in the bird world – probably because I went out late in the afternoon – morning is generally better for catching the birds being active…….or, maybe they were self quarantining, too??? LOL At any rate, the trip wasn’t a total loss…..first, I did get my gas (although, they aren’t doing full service at the Rez right now, so I had to pump my own) and it was a lovely drive on a beautiful spring day, but also because I did manage to get a few interesting shots!

Here’s what I got:

I came across a field of seagulls by the Orleans County Fairgrounds:

On my way home, I decided to check out Point Breeze……I was sure to find some geese or ducks or swans there……but, all I found was the trees loaded down with what I believe must be geese – they were a bit far away to tell for sure even with the zoom lens, so could be turkey buzzards, but I really think they are geese!

Along the road going to one of the marsh overlooks, I stopped to get a photo of a couple bird houses and got a real treat! As soon as I pulled over and snapped the first photo, the residents of one of the houses came out to wish me a Happy Easter! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this particular bird before, but they are now my favorite bird —- the beautiful and strikingly colorful WOOD SWALLOWS!!!


There were several more swarming around, too, but I didn’t get a good group photo!

And….my favorite shots of the day…..I captured a hawk! I love it when I can get a hawk! I saw it just before I got to the Rez – it was in a tree beside the road. I slowly pulled over and got the tree shot. Then, I tried to pull up a bit closer to see if I could get a profile shot and ended up spooking him……but, I got a great shot of him speeding off!

So, that was my Easter Sunday……that and I watched the YouTube message from our pastor and had left over kielbasa and peirogies from the night before and watched a couple Hallmark movies……not the most “social” of Easters, but I did rejoice in the resurrection and all the beauty and majesty of God’s creatures and love! Guess you can’t ask for more than that in this strange world we find ourselves in of late!

2 Comments on “April 12th Sunday Drive – Searching for Birds

    • You should – it is a great way to get out of the house and stay within the “rules” of social distancing and avoiding public petri dishes (um, I mean places)!

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